North Carolina GOP Introduces “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Raleigh’s ABC News affiliate reports:

North Carolina Senate Republicans took a step that could have been expected: They are filing a bill that dictates what teachers can say to young children about sexuality and requires them to disclose confidential conversations they have with students about gender identity and sexuality.

State Sen. Deanna Ballard (R-Watauga), chair of the Senate Education Committee, announced the bill, joined by Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden) and Sen. Michael Lee (R-New Hanover).

If Republicans do pass this bill or something like it, there’s a strong possibility it would be vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper, and Republicans don’t have votes by themselves to override. However, this does create a political debate leading up to elections in November.

Raleigh’s NBC News affiliate reports

The new bill’s parental notice section generated concerns among opponents Tuesday that LGBTQ students, afraid of how their parents would react if they find out about their sexual identity, could no longer turn to trusted teachers for guidance.

What if a parent is abusive, state Rep. Allison Dahle, one of the legislature’s few openly LGBTQ members, said after the bill was announced.

“Is the teacher going to be responsible for the child’s beating,” said Dahle, D-Wake. “North Carolina needs to be a safe place for everybody, and this is going to remove that safety net for children.”


Max_1 • 2 days ago

Children are pawns to be used, abused, and shot in a classroom… apparently.

Tietokone Opettaja • 2 days ago

Republicans want to hide the fact that sexual orientation is fixed, immutable.
If a gay child is not informed that there are others, that can lead to suicide.
That has happened.
It is documented by news media.
I know this because I was on a suicide prevention hotline in D.C. when a young gay teen killed himself because he couldn’t face being gay with parents who hated gays.
That is what happens when you hide the fact that being gay is not a choice but is immutable and there are others who are well-adjusted adults and successful.
After local Citizens on Patrol public seminars, I picked up a young hitch-hiker years ago and took him to a shelter for homeless teens since he was trying to hire himself out as a rent boy to make a living after his God-fearing parents threw him out of their home and he was on his own. They were “Christians”. Right.
Don’t hide the facts. Don’t belittle gays. They are not sick. They are different.
Accept that.

rcdcr • 2 days ago

christians prefer indoctrination to education.

always have, always will.

it’s the only way christianity can survive, you see.

(((heleninedinburgh))) • 2 days ago

Wow, so ‘bold and courageous’ to have started a moral panic which will lead to kids being abused, subjected to conversion torture, and disowned by their families.

Makoto • 2 days ago

Does the “Parent’s Bill of Rights” include anything about a reasonable expectation that the kids won’t have to face down gunmen with military-level hardware designed to mow down hordes of humans in short order? Or is it only to protect them from the horror of hearing about same-sex couples?

safari • 2 days ago

How dare queer kids grow up without shame.

Gregory In Seattle • 2 days ago

“Removing the safety net” has been a key GOP platform plank for decades. Republicans want corpses, and they aren’t picky as to how they get them: children beaten to death by their parents for not being straight and cis is just one way to reach that goal.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 2 days ago

They’re far more afraid of kids catching ‘the gay’ than they are of kids catching a lethal bullet.

Family values my ass!!

3 thoughts on “North Carolina GOP Introduces “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

  1. Scottie, this one will get vetoed, but only because we have a Democrat governor. Since I grew up a Southern Baptist, based on the recent third party review of the decades long cover up and victim shaming by the Southern Baptist Convention for its ministers who sexually assaulted women, maybe we should introduce a bill that says “Don’t sexually assault parishioners.” I speak partly in gest, but it annoys me we lose sight that doing that Golden Rule thing applies to everyone, givers and receivers. That Jesus fellow did not offer any caveats when he said treat others like you want to be treated. And, he would especially not be happy with sexual assaulting ministers and priests and their enablers. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I did not post much on the Southern Baptist sex scandal because I just don’t know what to say. As with all religious sex scandals it is about adult men using either minors or young adults for their own sexual satisfaction while preaching that god commands no one have or enjoy sex and how morally superior religious people / leaders are because of their faith. I am tired of it. I am tired of posting of the shattered lives, the hurt bodies, the memories that never go away far enough or long enough. It is like the gun violence, it will continue until people no longer will tolerate it.

      While these people claim moral superiority, they seem to have a fantasy in their heads over what the LGBTQ+ are or are doing. I won’t bother listing them all, but you have heard them. Grooming kids, trans only using bathrooms to attack women, teachers promoting gender swapping sex parties, and so on. Yet they don’t forbid kids from Catholic schools or churches, they don’t forbid Baptists religious leaders from being alone with any woman, they don’t forbid the racy sexual incest parts of the bible from kids but an LGBTQ+ character in a TV show or book drives them foaming at the mouth crazy screaming they have to protect the children. Dan Savage quote on church sex abuse of kids, “If kids got raped by clowns as often as they get raped by priests it would be against the law to take your kids to the circus”.

      I am glad that the bill won’t pass, but I am tired of being a scapegoat for the religious right wing to enrage their bigoted base. The more of these bills pass and get talked about the more violence and harm to the LGBTQ+ community and to the LGBTQ+ kids in school. This morning I posted that a school forced a teacher to leave his job and tried to deny him unemployment compensation because he was the victim of a blackmail attempt over his being gay. Being gay was so bad in the minds of those school leaders that it was worse than someone trying to extort the sexual orientation of a person. A legal orientation, well at least for now. That is the world the Republicans are supporting the religious right in trying to achieve and push the country into. Hugs


      1. Scottie, the hypocrisy abounds. Catholic priests, Southern Baptist ministers are involved in sexual assault for decades and both churches cover it up. They berate the victims and get them to be silent. They moved the ministers and priests around, but that only exposed them to new victims. This is beyond poor stewardship, this is criminal behavior. To me, the people we aid and abet these criminals are just as bad. The folks who knew Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator and covered it up are as bad as Weinstein. The same goes for the Catholic Bishops and Southern Baptist directors. And, it goes to the universities of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State who covered up their sexual predators. The same goes to the US Olympic Gymnasts and UK youth football leagues.

        And, these folks have temerity to call into question the lack of integrity of LGBTQ+ folks who are trying to live a normal life. This is a hideous misuse of power in my view. Using the bible as a weapon against such folks is shameful. But, so is sexual abusing parishioners, athletes, and kids. Keith

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