Students At Texas Elementary’s Career Day Shown Photos Of The “Liberal’s Guide To The Deadly AR-15”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

Photos of an AR-15 style rifle, the type of gun used during Tuesday’s mass school shooting in Uvalde, were reportedly shown at a Fort Worth elementary school on Wednesday during what was supposed to be a career day presentation.

According to a Fort Worth schools employee, a Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office deputy presented during a career day event on Wednesday morning at E.M. Daggett Elementary School. The presentation appeared to include pictures of AR-15 rifles, according to a photo shared with the Star-Telegram.

In the photo, an image of a poster titled “A Liberal’s Guide to the Deadly AR-15” is highlighted on Google Images. The poster describes the different components of the rifle. Also seen in the photo is a tab open to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office’s website.

Read the full article.

The sheriff of Tarrant County, you may recall, sparked outrage in 2019 when he called undocumented migrants “drunks who will run over your children” during a press event at the Trump White House.


Raising_Rlyeh • a day ago

Remember: this is fine and totally not indoctrination. Just don’t let teachers make students gay

Nic Peterson Raising_Rlyeh • a day ago

The next presentation was the liberals guide to Klan rallys and how to recognize the Grand Dragon.

Paula Raising_Rlyeh • a day ago

Kill him, but, don’t kiss him.

mikeiver Raising_Rlyeh • a day ago • edited

Better having ammosexuals ploting to shoot their fellow classmates. Wouldn’t want them thinking of others with love in their hearts. Got to make sure none of the prissy boys make it to puberty. What a regressive pile of shit this guy is!

Paula kevway • a day ago • edited

This happened in the late 90s to early 2000s/ Several new companies started manufacturing cheaper AR-15s. Sales took off because the prices went down. And Ar-15 could be purchased for as little as $300 at one time. It had been $1000+.
The rifles he used were Daniel Defense brand. Those were fairly expensive. He had money to be able to buy 2 within a couple of days.

SFBruce • a day ago

Dan Patrick wants Texas to follow Florida’s example and pass a “Don’t say gay” law, but demonstrations about AR-15s are A-OK.

Teedofftaxpayer • a day ago

And I thought it was bad when I went to school we had to hide under a wooden desk to prevent death in case of a nuclear bomb. I guess stupidity hasn’t changed much in 60 years.

2patricius2 Teedofftaxpayer • a day ago • edited

I remember those days. We even had a sign with instructions on our kitchen wall of siren warnings in case of a nuclear attack. Of course, all our practice in ducking and covering would not have kept us safe. Nor would hiding in our basement.

Nor did all the guards at the school or all the practicing the little children did in Uvalde save them.

Gay Fordham Prep Grad 2patricius2 • a day ago

Nor did a retired police officer in Buffalo. You know, the “good guy with a gun.”

What, me worry? • a day ago

Oh, so doing a little grooming on behalf of the NRA with our public schools are we?

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