A Military Takeover, The End Of Democracy

The GOP is killing democracy one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “A Military Takeover, The End Of Democracy

  1. There is an old folk tale which concerns of a horse and man. Think of the horse as the Republican Party and the man as the Armed Forces.
    The horse goes to the man and says
    ‘We are both threatened by the Lion (think current Federal Government). I can run faster, while but you are clever with weaponry. Let us combined, you ride me and we hunt him down,’
    ‘A good idea,’ says the man, ‘but I shall need to make something to hold onto you, so as not to fall off when fighting,’
    ‘A wise suggestion,’ says the horse.
    So the man makes a saddle, stirrups and bridle, which the horse finds a bit uncomfortable but puts up with for the greater cause.
    They go off on the hunt, finding the lion. The horse chases the lion, as the lion turns to attack the man using the height and speed of the horse drives his lance into the lion and also throws two of his three javelins into the lion killing him.
    ‘Ah,’ says the horse ‘The beast is dead. We are now free of him. What a relief, now please take this horrid bridle and uncomfortable saddle off of me,’
    ‘Do you really think that was the end of the deal?’ asks the man, tugging the reins of the bridle, digging the stirrups in and jabbing the horse’s buttocks with a javelin ‘Giddy-up dobbin, we have a long ride ahead of us,’

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    1. Hello Roger. An interesting tale. Yes the Republican party has many different groups they thought they could use and control that got away from them. Their rabid racist bigoted base for one. tRump for another. Hugs

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      1. When you analyse it Scottie, there’s not one ‘leader’ amongst them, they are all dancing to whatever the extremist wings of the Republican Party plays.
        A bunch of bargain basement ‘GI Joe’ ‘Barbie’ and ‘Ken’ knock-offs

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