Texas Paul REACTS to Republican Blaming ‘CRT’ and ‘Wokeness’ for Uvalde

I love Texas Paul and his videos as he is informative and authentic.     I am posting this because the message that Texas Paul gives is an important part of the solution to these shootings.       Thanks.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Republican Blaming ‘CRT’ and ‘Wokeness’ for Uvalde

  1. You know I support what he says. However, this thing about more focus on mental health has some drawbacks … mainly because the people that need these services the most DO NOT see it in themselves … plus the fact they are ADULTS and have the right and the ability to do what they want.

    Now, if we can start EARLY in life … like make it a part of schooling … we may have a chance to get ahead of the problem. But of course, this doesn’t help the situation NOW since it’s adults that are committing the atrocities.

    And of course, the Repukes won’t allow such a sensible idea to happen anyway.

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    1. Hello Nan. You have a great point. Start mental health early in schools. But these are the same people that keep slashing school funding, underpaying teachers, stopping any real teaching to kids about their bodies and their feelings because they claim that is the parents’ job. No health classes, no sexual education. And my god, the teachers are grooming the kids to engage in gender swapping sex orgies. Yet let’s give those groomers guns.

      Nan there are ways the country can address this gun shooting problem. I do agree with some of what Texas Paul said. For generations kids have been taught that guns solve your problems. Hell I remember one of the TV shows I was allowed to watch as a kid was the rifleman. He solved all the problems by being the best with a gun and saving the day. Side note he was also gay at a time when he couldn’t ever let it be known but he had an active sex life well known in Hollwood. The Lone Ranger saved everyone each week, and he did it with his gun. Move forward in time, there is Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Rambo, The many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Heck look at James Bond, license to kill. Or what were the movies with Bronson? Dirty Harry, do you feel lucky Punk?

      So now for a century we have had a culture that thinks the worst problems can be solved by being faster with the biggest gun. But what amazed me was those other advanced countries restricted violence in their movies and TV shows but allowed nudity. They don’t have mass shootings, but they do have public healthcare and a higher quality of life. I wonder what that says about the religious right’s hyper moral stance? Hugs

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  2. Wow! I love his passion, his commitment! And he’s right, though in the immediate future I’d like to see the availability of guns severely restricted. Nobody “needs” to own a gun, especially nobody 18 years old! Make everyone pass a psychological screening before they are allowed a gun. And for Pete’s Sake, BAN the damned military-style weapons! They serve ZERO purpose except to murder many people in a short time span! Ron Johnson …I agree with Texas Paul … Ron Johnson is a piece of garbage just like about 90% of the Republicans who “serve” in our Congress today. They don’t serve US, they serve themselves. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Texas Pual made a point I never thought of before. For a century the heroes on TV and in movies were the people who used guns to solve their problems. They used their guns and then bigger guns to shoot the bad guys saving the people and making everything good again. I listed a few for Nan. Right back to the first TV show I was allowed to watch the Rifle Man. He solved every problem by shooting someone. He was a he man, alpha dude. Too bad so few knew the actor was a gay guy with an active sex life. There was the Lone Ranger, and John Wayne, then moving to the future you had Dirty Harry of the “Do you feel lucky punk” fame. There was the Bronson guy, Bruce Willis in Die Hard movies, and never forget the entire Arnold Schwarzenegger catalog of super soldier moves of him using force and guns to solve the problems in their lives. There are a ton more I forget but the point is that people grew up on the notion that guns solve problems, have an issue then use a gun to solve it. That became a culture in the US that never existed before. The really tough guys carried guns and they used them. In the real wild west that was not the way it happened.

      Like Texas Paul said we need to change that mythos, that idea that a gun will make everything better, that kids (and adults also) in crisis can solve that problem with a gun.

      Ron Johnson is a symptom of what is wrong with the US, corporate / wealthy greed. He married his wealthy wife, her father set him up in a company that made something and sold it to the father-in-laws company and they all got rich off the deal. Along the way they got laws changed to help themselves to more rights and more money. It snowballs. The point is this multi-millionaire thinks he is responsible for his success and is worthy of the money and to be in the Senate. He thinks he is better than everyone one of his voters, because he is wealthy. Yet he is a clueless Putin supporter. Hugs

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      1. That IS a good point … yeah, I remember The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Sugarfoot, Wyatt Earp and so many others where guns were part of what “made a man, a man”. Sigh. And now, I hate guns, hate the so-called ‘men’ who own and carry them. I said recently that I thought Robert Oppenheimer should have been executed for inventing the Atom bomb … and now let me add one more … the inventor of the gun.

        Indeed, Ron Johnson is a grade-A jerk. I hope his political career goes down the tubes once people start to see him and others as they are. Sigh. Y’know, Scottie, I don’t know how much more of the damned Republicans I can take. Hugs

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