It is about profit; their profit is more important than your dead loved one

This is my response to a comment from Ali.   Nan thought it should be a post.  To see Ali comment, go to this post.              Thank you, Hugs.

Hello Ali. Great points. What it comes down to is making the US schools a prison to send the kids to for 8 to 10 hours not for education, but so their parents can go to work to make profit for businesses. The kids will suffer in a stifling environment so the one problem that can be ignored is the love of easy access of guns in the US. And why is that easy access fought for and pushed, because it makes the gun industry a lot of profit. Thats the ask why three times answer. In the US it comes down to profit. People’s health doesn’t matter. Scared to go out in public, buy another gun to give the gun industry more profit because the politicians know we have to go out no matter how bad it is, we need supplies. We have to go to work. Kids have to go to school. But it doesn’t matter if some die. The profit must continue. We don’t have healthcare because it cuts into profits. We don’t have decent safety nets because it cuts into profits, we don’t have food or housing security in the US because it cuts into profit. The politicians and greedy wealthy owners of stock and companies don’t care because they know they won’t be shot, their kids won’t be shot, they won’t ever be hungry, homeless, in need. So they are humans in their minds, we are not, we are just to make them profit and disappear when we cannot function to make that profit anymore. And yes I am angry. Vote blue and vote progressives. Hugs

6 thoughts on “It is about profit; their profit is more important than your dead loved one

  1. Scottie, recent history is forgotten. We used to have an assault weapon ban, but the law expired around 2006. Why is it such a problem to put it back in place? This is a holistic problem that needs holistic solutions, but I am long past weary of folks that are saying gun deaths is not a gun problem. I recognize there are other causes that make it worse, but make no mistake it is a gun problem that needs better gun governance.

    But, an easy contradiction is in my post today on “Two questions on gun deaths – a letter to the editor.” In short, if it is only a mental health issue, why do we have more gun deaths than the next 22 wealthiest countries COMBINED? I am sure they have mental health issues too. And, if it is only a mental health issue, why is that same politician against expanding Medicaid in the remainng fourteen states, along with its mental health coverage?


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    1. Hello Keith. Yes you are correct. It is entirely a dance to keep the people distracted enough that the politicians don’t have to act. It is sickening. There is simply no doubt now but they won’t change their stance on gun control because now guns equal freedom. How I don’t know. But it is a fact that the Republican party members see the absolute right to own and buy guns as what it means to live in a free country. It is stunning that people have become that jingoistic to some people. Hugs


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