American Right Is Moving Right Towards Fascism

2 thoughts on “American Right Is Moving Right Towards Fascism

  1. This is my highest concern. While all these human rights issues demand our attention, legislatures are messing with election laws in almost every state. We can’t fix things if our votes don’t count. Now that I’ve said that, I don’t mean there is no hope. I do mean that everyone has to pay attention to what their state leg. has done/been doing, and make sure to oppose it all the way. If voter suppression passes anyway, it’s time to do some kickass GOTV.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes you are correct. We know that the Republicans are doing their best to curtail voting by groups they think won’t vote for themand it is well documented. Why in the US do some people like me have no wait to vote in a white area, yet in a back majority area do people wait 8 to 10 hours if not more to vote? Have we run out of voting machines? Buy more? Nothing about that makes sense except they don’t want those people voting. Now add to that the tRump people that deny the 2020 vote is correct are fighting hard to get into offices where they can interfere with voters or the entire vote themselves. These are people that already don’t want some skin colors voting and now they just want to create the result they want regardless of the way the voters really vote.

      Several Republican legislatures tried to / and some did it pass laws that let the legislature just ignore the vote of the public to install the Republican candidate as the winner. That is not democracy, that is the China or Russian strongman authoritarian dictatorship model of elections. That is happening right here in the US. The people better realize that democracy is not under attack, it is actively being undermined by one political party and ignored by the other. Who is going to win? Big business! Wealthy! Large corporations. They have bought our federal congress and most state governments. So yes we need to be very worried. Hugs

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