GOP House Candidate Vows To Ban “Evil” Pride Month

From the campaign Facebook page of Stewart Parks:

If you elect me, this month will be the last National Gay Pride month ever celebrated. We need to elect people into US congress that will stand up and say Homosexuality and Transgenderism are evil.

I will push to have the 2015 Obergefel vs Hodges ruling overturned which legalized same sex marriage. Two men and two women cannot come close to a unified man and woman married. I want to bring back DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which safeguarded the institution of marriage.

Sexual Liberation is NOT western values. LGBQT+ movement is communist as they seek to destabilize our country with their divisive rhetoric and destroy families. Transgenderism and Pedophilia are now rampant in our society.

We have to ban it asap and safeguard our children against it. We have to get Transgenderism out of our schools. When I win this election everyone will know their gender again. The populace will know Men cannot get pregnant and can actively define a woman.

Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District is currently held by ten-term Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper, who announced his retirement in January after redistricting turned the district significantly more red, bringing an avalanche of over a dozen eager cultists.

Three of them, including far-right filmmaker Robby Starbuck and Trump-endorsed former Fox host Morgan Ortagus were recently disqualified over residency requirements.

Yesterday, Starbuck, who has been endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn, sued to be reinstated to the ballot.

In his Ballotpedia candidate questionnaire, Stewart Parks vows to “ban transgenderism and same-sex marriage,” and names the bible as his favorite book.

The only Democratic candidate on the ballot is freshman state Sen. Heidi Campbell. The primary is August 4th.


Priya Lynn • an hour ago

“Two men and two women cannot come close to a unified man and woman married.”

That’s utter nonsense. There are same sex couples who get along better, are more compatible and happier with each other than many heterosexual couples. The gender of the individuals in a couple is in no way determinative in how unified they are.

ErnestMc • 5 hours ago

I hate to break it to Stewie but he has no control over Obergefell or Windsor/DOMA and no say over whether Pride is celebrated. Pride will be celebrated long after he’s gone, gay people will have sex and marry, trans people will transition, and there’s nothing this creepy Neanderthal can do about it.

Steverino ErnestMc • 5 hours ago

Funny how they campaign as if they will be emperor of the USA if elected.

biki Steverino • 3 hours ago

These GOp’ers who run for office remind me of the teens running for school president. They promise everything, and have no power to deliver anything.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns • 5 hours ago • edited

“These people are evil.” This is why this lil’ twerp is running for public office, because the corporate world will not hire someone who openly refuses to work with other employees or clients because of their open bigotry.

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