Gaetz says he supports voters arming themselves at polls

The Republicans are going full bore into voter intimidation with getting their cult members to be the poll workers to challenge and block non-white voters and now they are trying to get armed white people to show up at black polling places to intimidate black voters.   The Republican party has a history of doing this.   Infact they were under a court order not to do this until just recently.   The fact is the Republican party is not even trying to hide it anymore.    They simply do not believe in or want democracy.  They want one party rule with that party being them.   They don’t want to listen to the voters, they want to rule.  They are a minority that demands to be in charge over the majority.   I am so frustrated over these people.   It is open racism and bigotry.    No advancements, only white men have rights, then it will be wealthy white men.   Why the hell do you need to be armed to vote if not to scare other people.   WTF is wrong with these people that they can not go anywhere with out a firearm?   Sick racist …  Hugs

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Thursday said he supports voters arming themselves when headed to the polls in an effort to protect against intimidation.

“I sort of like [Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas] Massie’s legislation that maybe everyone who’s a voter or on their way to vote ought to have the opportunity to carry a firearm to ensure that they’re not subject to any intimidation,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz’s comment came as the House Judiciary Committee was marking up a package of bills that seek to tighten gun regulations. Among the measures included is legislation that would prohibit straw purchases — when someone who cannot pass a background check purchases a firearm through a proxy buyer — and a bill that would raise the age requirement to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21 years old.

A Gaetz aide told The Hill that the congressman was referring to an amendment to the latter measure proposed Massie that seeks to create a carve-out from the age requirement for individuals registered for Selective Service, the system that tracks information on men ages 18 to 25 for national emergencies.

The amendment failed in a 24-20 vote.

Roughly a dozen states prohibit guns from being carried at polling sites, including California, Arizona, Florida and Georgia, according to the Los Angeles Times.

On the other hand, five key swing states — Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — have not enacted bans on firearms at polling places, despite having the constitutional power to do so, according to a study pushed in September 2020 by Guns Down and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, two gun control organizations.

Concerns regarding voter intimidation mounted around the 2020 presidential election, especially after then-President Trump encouraged his supporters to monitor polls on Election Day.

A number of states have passed voting bills in the aftermath of the 2020 race, including in Texas, where partisan poll watchers who can observe elections were given more authority. The bill in part prohibits election officials from turning down appointed poll watchers, making such a move a Class A misdemeanor.

Gaetz is a supporter of gun rights. Last week, in response to a tweet asking why civilians need AR-15-style rifles, the Florida Republican listed “target sport,” “Self defense” and “Hog hunting.”

“Just to name a few…” he added on Twitter.

The gun debate returned to national headlines last month after a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 students and two adults. Ten days before that, a gunman fatally shot 10 Black individuals in a racially motivated incident at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y.

Kruhn • an hour ago

I was a poll worker. I once was verbally and almost physically attacked by a random guy while informing him that the polling place was closing in 15 minutes, asking the voter if he wanted to vote. I am 6’8″ a solid 300 lbs with martial arts training and that took me aback.

Imagine if that son of a bitch was carrying a gun?

Franciscan • an hour ago

How about investigating him for gun trafficking as well.

States that don’t outlaw guns at the polls are looking for trouble. It should be blindingly obvious, but carrying firearms would be a form of electioneering and would be potentially intimidating to voters.

Mark Alexander • 3 hours ago

Does that include Democrats and other undesirables Gaetz? Or it it just straight white male republican conservatives? Please clarify.

Steverino • 5 hours ago

Well, considering virtually 100% of voter intimidation is caused by Republicans, I’m listening…

Chris G. • 6 hours ago

My God, what is with their extreme obsession with firearms? I’d like to see this guy show up to vote only to find a room full of black folks armed with AR-15s waiting to vote as well. He’d freak out and scream bloody murder on how black folks are trying to intimidate him.

Yalma Cuder-Zicci • 6 hours ago

Intimidation like from The DeSantis Election Police?

DmR • 7 hours ago

Let’s see here … the white so-called Christians are the ones likely to carry guns. The same ones are likely to be doing the intimidating.

Christopher • 7 hours ago

“Vote the way I tell ya, or I’ll fill you full of lead!”

At least that’s what I’m thinking how this will eventually play out.

Melissia • 7 hours ago

Wonder what Gaetz would think about black people open-carrying guns to the voting booth.

He’d probably call the cops on them, and try to get them killed.

ChristopherM • 7 hours ago

When I voted in our primary last month, early voting is done at large sites like convention centers. The tiny Black woman running mine told me she had to get the sheriff in to run people off who were intimidating voters and giving them wrong information. Of course they were right wing nuts. They always are. She was small in stature, but big in nerve, and wasn’t about to be fucked with!

Houndentenor ChristopherM • 5 hours ago

Democrats don’t want to intimidate voters. The more voters, the better we do. Our voters are the ones less likely to show up. Everyone knows that.

Chris Baker • 7 hours ago

Except many polling places are at schools and churches.

Of course, Matt only wants whites to able to carry guns to polling places, cause they are the ones who face the most intimidation when voting. /s

8 thoughts on “Gaetz says he supports voters arming themselves at polls

    1. Hello Roger. I am so glad you asked. I do not know what they will do now, but I do know what they did while Ronald Reagan their beloved Saint did. See he was a big-time gun advocate when he was governor until the black panthers started showing up at polling places carrying firearms. Big ones. Guess what happened? Yes Reagan the Republican saint instituted strict gun controls because you know he felt that those people couldn’t be trusted with guns, and they were scaring white people. Now it is reversed the maga are the ones who cannot be trusted, and they are planning to scare the black people from voting. But this time they are in charge in many of these states.

      Roger, what scares me is this drive for unrestrained capitalists to create more profit for businesses and corporations by having no rules or regulations on anything that might cut into profit whether it be for guns or the environment. The lives of people mean nothing, their quality of life means nothing as long as the profits keep slowing. In the US living is starting to mean struggle and fear, with nothing worth living for. It is the horrible old gilded age robber baron days where people worked 18 hour days 7 days a week, ate scraps, lived in hovels, died young, while the upper wealthy class lived lives of great extravagance and luxury. I want so badly to move but I simply am not able. So I will add my voice to improve things until I die. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I want so badly to move but I simply am not able.

        There is ALWAYS a way! It just depends on what and how many sacrifices a person is willing to make. And I don’t mean to demean your situation … but all of us WILL do things that we never thought we could (or would) do … IF we want to badly enough.

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        1. Hello Nan. True. But remember I am on disability. Getting a visa to immigrate out of the US would be very difficult if not impossible. Moving from Florida might be something that could be done depending on how bad it gets for gay people in Florida. But we are looking at places in N.C. that seems like we could do it if we had to. But financially the loss will be devastating. Hugs


          1. I understand you’re health situation plays a role. But again … it all comes down to how bad you want something and how much you’re willing to sacrifice. I understand that moving out of the U.S. is beyond reach … as it would be for most of us. But there are better — MUCH better — places than Florida!!! You mention N.C. (and I assume that’s because of Ron’s situation), but have you researched other states?


            1. Hello Nan. I mentioned NC because we know someone who managed to buy a home rather cheaply from the county and is fixing it up. Plus we have other friends that live up there. We thought for a few years to move to Michigan, but that did not work out. As you say if it became important enough we would find a way to move within the US. The problem is the home we have. We would have to sell it for enough to get what we have into it back out what we have into it and to buy something reasonably similar. Ron had wanted to move back to NH to be around his family, I have always loved the upper state NY area. But until it becomes more pressing, I don’t want to face the economic hit we would take. The real issue will come when they ban same sex marriage and reinstate sodomy laws. If they do that we move out of state and if it goes nationwide, we apply for refugee status to Canada. If I could learn Spanish I would consider Mexico. Hugs

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