Man With Fake Badge, Weapons Arrested At US Capitol

Yet Matt Gaetz wants people to carry guns to voting places?   This is what the US has become, a third world banana republic where supporters for one party threaten the other voters with violence if they try to vote.   Don’t like who was elected, just go kill them.  Are we Afghanistan?  Any other war torn country?   Time will tell if we are a democracy or not.    Hugs

Via press release from the Capitol Police:

A Michigan man was arrested outside of the U.S. Capitol this morning after he was found with a fake badge, a BB gun, body armor, high capacity magazines and other ammunition.

Just before 5:00 am, a U.S. Capitol Police patrol officer started talking to a man who had parked his 2017 Dodge Charger near Peace Circle, on the West side of the Capitol.

The man was identified as 53 year old Jerome Felipe out of Flint, Michigan.

Felipe, who is a retired police officer out of New York, presented the USCP officers with a fake badge that had “Department of the INTERPOL” printed on it. Felipe also made a false statement that he was a criminal investigator with the agency.

Felipe gave officers permission to search his vehicle. The officers discovered a BB gun, two ballistic vests, several high capacity magazines, and other ammunition in the car. No real guns were found.

Investigators are still working to determine the reason Felipe was parked near the U.S. Capitol. Felipe is facing charges for Unlawful Possession of High Capacity Magazines and Unregistered Ammo.

8 thoughts on “Man With Fake Badge, Weapons Arrested At US Capitol

    1. Hello Nan. Yes. It was a way to get the southern states on board with the constitution. Their representatives were worried about a slave uprising if they couldn’t have their guns, and more important was the slave patrols getting pushed out of the northern states using gun laws. The idea that the slave patrols would be thought of as a well regulated state military unit was the basis of the amendment. What Scalia did in the Heller case was to simply remove part of the written wording, he used only the part he wanted. He was an activist judge who wanted what he wanted the law to be. As I have said before on gun rights it is all about profit. The less restrictions that can be legally enforced, the more profit. I am sure Scalia, who was a gun enthusiast and a hunter got some very favorable treatment after that ruling. Hugs


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