GOP Rep Abruptly Drops Reelection Bid After Days Of Far-Right Backlash For Backing Assault Weapons Ban

This is why no Republican will stand up for any reasonable gun control measures.   Their base is rabid gun sexuals, and their big money donors are demanding they kill any restrictions on their profits.   So when one Republican stood up for a small restriction to save lives, they threw him out of the party.   Hugs

First, this from the New York Post:

The Republican and Conservative parties are leaving GOP Rep. Chris Jacobs for dead following his call for a federal ban on assault weapons in response to the massacre by an avowed white supremacist in Buffalo.

“This is not the person we endorsed. We did not endorse this Chris Jacobs … he’s actually to the left of [US House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi on this,” Conservative Party state Chair Gerard Kassar told the Post Thursday about his party withdrawing support for Jacobs’ reelection.

The embattled Erie congressman has incurred the wrath of of his party’s far right since saying last week he would support an assault weapons ban, raising the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles and limiting ammunition capacity in gun magazines.

And below is the result of his stand. Jacobs, not incidentally, voted against certifying the result of the 2020 presidential election and against both of Trump’s impeachments.

Brian Curtis • 12 hours ago

And this is what happens to so-called “moderate Republicans,” which is why they no longer exist.

Gianni • 15 hours ago

I just can’t understand how or why gun control has become such a political football. I do know that the Repig Senators and Reps do their best to preserve all the money that the NRA and gun manufacturers give them to help keep them in office. The Repigs in DC are really a purchased party. “The People? Who are they?” “The money? Now you’re talk’in my language.”

Tazzari1 • 15 hours ago

That ol’ Big Tent of the GOP just collapsed and smothered another person with independent ideas.

Thou Shalt NOT Talk Sense About Guns!

Keep the slaughter rolling!

WNY • 17 hours ago

I’m sure that he got flooded with death threats to his family immediately after he expressed openness to voting for some gun safety legislation.

3 thoughts on “GOP Rep Abruptly Drops Reelection Bid After Days Of Far-Right Backlash For Backing Assault Weapons Ban

    1. Hello Nan. Yes and that is what scares me about the existing party, both the voting members and the office holders. Especially the ones that admit behind the scenes that the party positions are crazy yet they still push them to keep the favor of the base. If that is the case the crazier the base the further these office holders will go over the cliff with no limits. This morning I heard Beau say that he figures there will be a split into two Republican parties, one just a bit less horrible than the other. But I am not sure as all of them know if they do that the party will lose most elections even in areas gerrymandered until one party overwhelms the others. Hugs

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