Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 3

The first ten minutes of this show are incredible.   Chris Hayes details the threats VP Pence was under and how his people suspected tRump would turn on Pence including trying to have him taken out / removed from the capital.  I understood why Pence and his wife never went home after they left Washington and they moved constantly staying with friends and supporters.    Many people are not aware or are forgetful of trump’s connections to organized crime figures.  Pence was clearly worried that tRump or his supporters would still try to kill him.   But with him removed from the capital the plan was to have Grassley or another senior Republican simply give the election to trump in the way the Eastland memo details.  In fact Grassley did say he would be presiding over the certification then he managed to not even show up himself.  Think he was warned of the insurrection ahead of time?  The whole show is worth watching but the first ten minutes are very informative.   Hugs

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