Had to move my VPN to see this.

Hello Everyone.   Randy tried to send me the information at the links below.  I couldn’t get them with my VPN set to several places in the US, the site blocked my viewing it.   But to my surprise when I moved my VPN to Canada I was granted full access.   This site has a lot of great info breaking down the math in US gun deaths, mass shootings, and it has charts on the different kinds of deaths and shootings.  So I will put a couple of the links as I was unable to copy the information.   It is quite illuminating on the US gun problem and which groups are affected.    Hugs



7 thoughts on “Had to move my VPN to see this.

  1. I have long followed the GVA and just recently began following them on Twitter. It is, in my opinion, the most factual and comprehensive database of gun violence in the U.S. When I quote statistics about gun deaths and incidents, it almost always comes from their website!

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  2. Looks to me like people would be wise to move as far north as possible …

    Of course I wouldn’t DARE mention the proliferation of red in those states that LOVE their guns (!).

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    1. Hello Nan. For a while there was a plan by rabid right people to move large number of Republican voters from states they couldn’t have much if any effect like NY to states like Florida where they could tip the balance. That is what happened here. We had decades of Republican retirees and single issue voters moving into the state. They changed to blue state red. And once the state tipped to allowing the Republicans to exercise a bit of authority, they immediately started rigging the system to make sure they kept that power and increased it. Florida population is split, it is not deep red, and minority populations are growing in Florida yet you wouldn’t know that by the current power structure. The current structure has entrenched the DeSantis Republican maga to a point where they cannot be voted out of office unless the vote is overwhelmingly 80% Democrat in a state that is more evenly split. By restricting minority’s ability to vote and gerrymandering Republicans have managed to be a minority party that now rules as an unremovable majority, not just in Florida and Texas but in many states all over the US. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ten Bears. Oh yes, the current climate change is a shock to many that denied global warming for so long. It might affect the wealthy less but it will affect them. States without water, Utah lakes drying up exposing nasty deadly chemicals and viruses to the wind and air, electrical systems unable to keep up with demand to keep people cool. This weekend a heat dome over the west, here in Florida our rainy season is finally here very late. It may not be enough. They were talking of places with temps in the triple digits where it is normally hot but not that dangerously hot. So yes, it is going to require a move. Agriculture is going to need the lands that have the best growing temp / water so the people on those lands will have to move. New ways to move water from where it is to where it is needed like pipelines that carry water instead of oil / gas. We will need to find new sources of power to keep things going as we lose the current water driven methods. So much change and upheaval all due to misinformation / misdirection so some could keep making huge profits. Hugs


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