Texas Paul REACTS to Fox News REFUSING to Carry Jan 6 Hearings

Fox “News” is REFUSING to carry the January 6th hearings. Texas Paul breaks down the network’s complicity in the events of January 6th.

5 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Fox News REFUSING to Carry Jan 6 Hearings

    1. Hello Nan. No I have not, and two things make it unlikely. First Fox is swimming in high cable ratings and in advertising revenue, and second tRump never uses his own money for anything. That is why he was in so much trouble this year with that 400 million dollar payment due that he had personally guaranteed. He doesn’t have it. He got it refinanced. All of tRump’s money is an accounting gimmick. The 400,000 he got yearly as president and the fact he could force the government to pay him for the secret service to go with him to his clubs was the first pure profit he made.

      Everything else is leveraged and done based on money laundering. It is an open secret that now is teetering on coming out via the NY DA. Remember that Bloomberg gave himself 500 million for his short run, and as a real billionaire made it back in 6 weeks. Mark Cuban another real billionaire laughed when asked if he thought tRump was a billionaire and simply replied no and walked away. Trump lives and has for most of his life on speculation and leveraged assets. He once told a court he was as wealthy as he thought he was. He got Forbes to list him as a billionaire when he had only assets worth 250 to 400 million they recently admitted.

      This is what drives me totally nuts about tRump. If there ever was a deal with the devil it would be what tRump can do to reality. He ignores it. He pushes it away, denies it, claims it is not true or real and somehow manages to have changed / denied reality all his life and gotten away with it. The few teachers that have talked say he was the most stupid person they taught, but he has convinced his followers he is a stable genius. He ordered his doctors to say he was the fittest person ever to run for president and he did it. Later he admitted that tRump’s person handed him the letter and told him to sign it. How often during his presidency did he just deny saying something that was on video and people had to accept it. That is one reason he was desperate to hang on to the presidential power, it gave him more power to deny reality than he ever had before. Look at the way he talked to reporters, or to the way he acted on the debate stages, denying reality and it worked. That either says a lot for him, or something bad about the US people. Hugs


    1. Hello Jill. He has some he is calm and some he is furious, but I have only seen one where is laughing his butt off at what the Republicans screwed up. I wish I knew more about the man, seems smart and has a way of getting his points across using reason and facts in a way that is easy to understand and sticks with you. Hugs

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      1. I loved his humour in the one that he was laughing almost uncontrollably, but I think my favourites are the ones where he is afire! He is sensible and intelligent in any case, but he has a certain passion that moves people, I think. Hugs

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