DeSantis Files For Public Matching Campaign Funds

Florida Playbook reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to make sure he has every advantage heading into his fall reelection. And that apparently includes taking what some Republicans have called “welfare for politicians.”

Take the money and run — DeSantis on Thursday filed all his campaign-related paperwork to qualify for reelection, and that included — surprise — a request to accept public matching funds. It’s a move that will probably result in the GOP governor receiving millions in added financial help. (DeSantis got $3.2 million in his initial campaign for governor.)

How does this happen? — Wait, you ask — how can someone who has raised in excess of $113 million so far (a figure that will go up even more today when May reports are filed) get taxpayer help? Well, because he can.

Read the full article.


moisturize me • 8 hours ago

Welfare for me but not for thee.

Abort Abbott • 8 hours ago

Anybody surprised DeSantis is the Quellfare Queen of Floriduh?

Nic Peterson Abort Abbott • 7 hours ago

No, and Florida deserves him. One quarter of eligible voters sat out 2016 and 2018 handing him a razor thin margin of victory and TFG won the state by 125K votes. Florida had the power to to stop TFG in his tracks back in 2016 and chose not to.

As my mother would say, this is why we can’t have nice stuff.

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