Armed Extremists Menace Idaho Pride Event, White Nationalist “Patriot Front” Mob Arrested By Riot Police

From a June 3rd report by the New Republic:

In the last month, two very different videos, both threatening to confront Pride celebrations with armed protest or “hunting” LGBTQ people and allies, have raised fears of how Republicans in state legislatures have enabled an environment for anti-LGBTQ violence and emboldened far-right extremists.

At the end of April, GOP Idaho state Rep. Heather Scott held an event billed as a talk on removing “inappropriate materials” from libraries and schools. She warned of an ongoing “war of perversion against our children” by the LGBTQ community, then invited two members of the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club to the stage.

Spokane’s NBC News affiliate reports:

In their video, the rhetoric used by Panhandle patriots was seemingly calling for violence, stating, “We’re having an event the very same day. That very same day, we actually intend to go head to head with these people. A line must be drawn in the sand.

“Good people need to stand up. She was talking about the repercussions⁠—we say damn the repercussions. Stand up, take it to the head. Go to the fight.”

On Facebook, the PPRC advertised the event with the quote, “If they want to have a war, let it begin here,” and encouraged people coming to carry firearms.

NOTE: Tweets below by the “Idaho Tribune” are actually from a far-right website. Give it a minute for all of the tweets to fully load.


Todd20036 JoeMyGod • 4 hours ago

No argument. And the only reason they didn’t feel empowered enough to fire indiscriminately into an LBGT+ crowd is because our government isn’t red yet

Rocco JoeMyGod • 4 hours ago

Well said. Your comment should be posted all over LGBT world. We’ve seen this before. They can be stopped now, but it will take substantial effort. They are very clear with their agenda. The next two election cycles will tell us where stand as a country and LGBT people. These people are increasingly emboldened and our peeps are a high value target. This is an existential threat. Ignore it at your peril.

Randy Left Brooklyn • 5 hours ago

It is noteworthy that the gay pride people are showing their faces but the fascists are wearing full face masks.

K Elmquist Randy503 • 4 hours ago

Somehow it’s OK to wear a mask to this event buy it’s not OK for them to wear a mask in a grocery store. Go Figure.

JoeMyGodMod • 5 hours ago

The above-mentioned Rep. Heather Scott appeared on JMG last year when she compared COVID protocols to Nazism. And now she’s invited literal Nazis to menace Pride events.


Adam Schmidt Yalma Cuder-Zicci • 4 hours ago

They want to go back to when women stayed home and served their husbands, the only thing gay on TV was Uncle Milty and he was to be laughed at not with, you could beat a fag and people would cheer you for it, and people of color (I won’t use their word) knew their place.

another_steve • 5 hours ago

And why, puppies, do you think we’re seeing this kind of stuff today?

Answer: Today’s Republican Party.

Today’s Republican Party is a domestic terrorism organization.

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