Pennsylvania Reps Plan To Intro “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Harrisburg’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers plan to introduce a bill “to address discussions of gender identity and sexual orientation in Pennsylvania schools.”

State Senators Scott Martin [photo] and Ryan Aument, both Republicans representing Lancaster County, say the bill would pertain to age-inappropriate conversations in elementary schools.

According to the senators, the proposal would prohibit classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students and require public schools to develop a policy for notifying parents when there is a change to a student’s services or monitoring.

Read the full article.

Martin and Augment claim their bill would exempt LGBTQ students from the parental notice requirement if it can be “reasonably demonstrated” that doing so would put them in danger of “abuse or abandonment.” Yeah.

Martin, who dropped his bid for governor in March, authored the state Senate bill against transgender student athletes. The bill, which passed this week, has zero chance of being signed by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.

Ragnar_Lothbrok • 13 hours ago

We like small Govt and freedom!
And We love telling people what to do.

Now DO IT or we will kill you!

Paula • 12 hours ago

You’re free to think and believe anything you want to. As long as it what we believe, too.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 Paula • 12 hours ago

You’re free to raise your children any way you want, as long as it’s conservative and xian.

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Reps Plan To Intro “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

    1. Hello Michael. The rush is on to be part of the culture wars in the Republican party. It is clear that they have no ideas on polices or how to fix the current problems. In fact they don’t want to fix any problems. So they return to what they know will drive their hateful angry base, bigotry. But attacking the gays doesn’t do it so much so they had to start on the trans and work it back to the gays. It is always protect the kids but not from religion or their ideology. It is the parents’ rights but only parents like them, no one else. They are a minority ruling like a landslide large majority. We have to find a way to break through the walls they have built up or we won’t have a democracy very soon. The right wing pulled these same tricks in the past and lost, this time they are determined to win. Hugs


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