Liberal Redneck – First January 6 Committee Hearing Takeaways

Well the first big bombshell hearing was last night and there was some worthwhile stuff to be sure, but are the right people going to see it? Will they care? (Also I had eye surgery but I’m fine and they will eventually look normal again.)

7 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – First January 6 Committee Hearing Takeaways

  1. I concur with his last bit … well, with all that he said, but that last bit is what concerns me most. Will the people of this nation sit up and notice, or will they keep on bitching and whining about the cost of gasoline and celery while the next coup is already being planned and plotted? Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Nan keep telling me that younger people are too busy trying to survive, and that older people are entrenched, rather going with what they caught on the Facebook / social media / or on Fox and dash off to enjoy their day with the rest of the retirees. In my area it is far more important to get to the rec. hall to play with their buddies. They get a fix with Fox & Friends or other right wing channel and dash off to play. Guy up the street from me has a large Let’s go Brandon flag on the inside of his carport. Those of us that spend time, that have the time, that talk with friends over what is happening are the ones this will come down to. Those of us willing to try to get the word out on social media and in contact with our voting friends. We are willing to accept the truth and fight to make sure others know it. The other side is not willing to accept the truth and is doing everything they can to spread misinformation and do misdirection. Hugs

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      1. I suppose it depends on the definition of ‘younger people’ and ‘older people’ … and of course, there is no ‘one basket fits all’. That said, I often see the younger people, say 18-25, being the soul of activism. Take some of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting … a few of them are still full-on working hard to wake the public to the need for gun laws that have teeth. And there are a heck of a lot of older people out there in the “March For Our Lives” protests, too! So, I don’t think we can generalize based on age. I think it’s more … upbringing, education, and circumstance.

        The dude with the flag on the inside of his carport needs to take his bloomin’ rose-coloured glasses off and wake up to the fact that his idol, the former guy, damn near caused the ruination of this nation! It’s a good thing he doesn’t live near me! I’m lucky, my neighborhood is only about at most 8% white folk, mostly either Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, of Black, and I wouldn’t trade it for a tighty-whitey hood. Yes, we have some crime and occasional shootings, but people here are real … they aren’t arrogant, aren’t racist, don’t give a shit what colour your skin is, whether you’re LGBTQ or not, and whether you’re devout Christian or atheist. I’d never survive in an all-white maga-hood! Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. I like the sound of your neighborhood, it is a community, a family, and that is how it should be. Every family has warts and members make the occasional mistake but are accepted and loved as everyone cares for each other. When we moved into the development we are in I was very much popular for my computer skills and lack of charging working on for donations, yet when we went to the clubhouse, we faced animosity from different older people (we were a 55+ and over back then I was only in my early 40s but exempt due to disability and Ron was 52) who instantly attacked my long hair and anything dealing with us. They tended to say snarky shit to me before Ron got near as back then Ron had huge arms and legs and could be quite impressive if he got tired of someone’s bullshit, especially if he thought they were being me to me. And those same people that during the day would ask me to fix their computer problems never came to my defense. However time moved on, Ron and I became popular despite the older hateful people that were leaving or had their minds changed, I was even asked to run for the homeowners’ board and won every election I ran in moving from member to officer to vice president of the board. One Thanksgiving we had over 40 people under our carport for an afternoon dinner. My point is before tRump Ron and I became accepted and popular members of the community. But the last five years have taken a hit on that. As maga people have moved in I have seen a shift in the park community. There is now two seperate socail communities here. The one that is maga and very hostile and bigoted and pushing themselves on everyone, and one that is open and accepting which always invite Ron and I to their gatherings and events. Here everyone waves to each other as they pass even if you don’t know them, but now some people we wave to just stare at us. I am not sure how this is going to play out. With DeathSantis making don’t say gay and all these anti-LGBTQ+ laws it is creating a lot of anger and hate we have to live with.

          In 1995 we experienced the tragedy of one of our young friends beaten to death by a group of rednecks that claimed this small twink 19 year old walking home from his college classes scared then so much that he might sex them they had to beat him to death. His boyfriend another friend of ours went from a happy vibrant 20 year old to an aged bent husk of a person as he had to go repeatedly to court and relive the tortured beating death of the love of his live to testify and then to try to keep these thugs in prison after their ridiculously short sentence. Back then there was not much public outrage at this act. That is what I fear we are heading back to. It is not the majority but the minority thugs that tRump released that worry me. The maga thugs are a minority here but they are loud and pushy. One guy drives around the park with a huge confederate battle flag flying over his cart. He makes a point to slow down in front of our home if one of us is out and glare at us, and we stare back. We don’t engage because that is what he wants. Scary time with tRump, DeathSantis, and all the maga Republican elected office holders pushing hate on us LGBTQ+ especially with all the mass shootings everywhere. We had to confront a guy from “up north” who was shooting armadillos in our yard. He couldn’t understand our anger over the blood across our driveway and the dead carcass we had to dispose of. These people are coming from other places here because they like DeathSantis message. Hugs

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          1. To me it is simply mind-boggling that people are so self-centered that only their way of living and thinking is the “correct” way. It’s probably because of the way I was raised … which is that EVERY person has value. We may not like how they dress, how they talk, how they act … but at the core, they are still human beings. If there are things about a person that “rub me the wrong way,” I just avoid them. I don’t hassle or scream or attack them.

            Even in the blog world, there are many who see life MUCH different than me, but to insult, harass, or attack their POV accomplishes nothing. IOW, I feel people can agree to disagree without getting nasty and insulting. Unfortunately, in the online world, especially, I tend to be in the minority.

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            1. Hello Nan. I agree with you. Live and let live as long as no one is getting hurt. I have also found great benefit in meeting and being exposed to other cultures. In the US some groups have gone to great lengths to ingrain in everyone that the US is always the best and the only way people should live. Look at the laws Texas and Florida have passed on mandating the teaching of American Exceptionalism. Even though we are not exceptional. The reason is twofold, the US never has to apologize for anything and most importantly our people won’t look to other countries to see how much better quality of life their people have. The problem of course the gang thugs called the Republican party don’t want to let others live as they wish, they demand the right to force people to do as the thugs tell them to. Hugs

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          2. Yes, exactly! It is a community, and for the most part we all get along, help each other when needed, and ‘live and let live’ the rest of the time. Luckily, unlike your community, we have very few Trump-lovers here, and those who do move in usually don’t stay long. Isn’t it sad, though, how one man and his ideology, his juvenile behaviour, can do so much damage to our relationships? I don’t think I could live in your neighborhood or one like it … I would be angry all the time and would likely either end up dead or in jail! Yes, I know that’s what they want, and it’s best to ignore them, but … I tend to have a temper when pushed, and then I push back, even when I know I’m gonna pay for it later! I hope the idiots leave you and Ron alone, let you live in peace. Hugs, my friend.

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