Gay couple says they may move from Florida after DeSantis’ move

A five year old was told often enough that his family was wrong and that the HAD to have a mommy, by adults, that he started to lie saying his mom died.   Is this the correct message to send to little kids, your loving two dads are so wrong you need to start lying to fit in?   These two men who have a five year old son are now faced with having to move out of Florida.   They are lucky if they can afford to do so, even though it shouldn’t be this way.  The state of Florida has been taking over by Republican thugs on a religious culture war to incite their base to attack anyone different than them.  Including a five year old.   Sick.  But the Republican party and their gang of thugs will do this everywhere they can get away with it, and they will do it in places they were not in before to show they can.  As I posted earlier.   We need to understand what is happening in the US right now, we are losing the country to a gang of thugs.  Hugs

THERE IS NO CC AND WITH CNN The CC is useless anyway.  Please try to listen anyway.   It is about a five year old boy being told his family is not real enough for the haters.   Hugs

Jordan Letschert and Robby Price are teaching their son Kellan how to talk about their family. But recent anti-LGBTQ legislation has led them to reconsider if this is a good place to raise him.

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