THE HILL: Republicans pitch religious, family values as gun violence solution

Republicans pitch religious, family values as gun violence solution
Republicans are pushing traditional religious and family values as a solution to the epidemic of mass shootings in addition to their calls to harden schools and focus on mental health.

Read in The Hill:

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7 thoughts on “THE HILL: Republicans pitch religious, family values as gun violence solution

    1. Hello Nan. Praise the lord while we sin. Reminds me of the old joke: “Things are getting so bad around here the Catholics and Baptist are even speaking to each in the liquor store”. I enjoy looking at things and using reason on them. If prayer stopped shootings and more god in your life stopped mass shootings then there wouldn’t ever be a mass shooting in a church, Right? Really seems to be the a to b of it in my thought process. Since there is a lot of shootings in churches with lots of deaths then prayer and God doesn’t stop shootings. It is like saying having kids spend time alone with men of the cloth is a great way to stop child molestation, seems to be denying reality and looking in the wrong direction. The real question I have is why. Why push religion for something it cannot solve? Well for that one I don’t have an answer as I am not of the god is real mindset. Hugs.


    1. Hello Ark. Glad to see you. Yes it is easy to have sympathy for the devil if he pays your salary. In this case he pays the salary, gives the perks, does the heavy lifting, and the congress man gets to ignore those pesky voters who think they should have a say in stopping the deaths of little kids. Hey the congressman says it is not that big a deal, nothing to lose my big money donations over, because they’re not my kids you know. My kids, my friends, we are important and have rules against this gun shit, you’re just profit makers so what happens to you doesn’t matter as long as my big money donors are happy. Hugs

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  1. Scottie, tongue in cheek, the Southern Baptist leadership has only recently taught us a different meaning for family values with its decades old sexual misconduct and cover-up. Thank goodness the women did not have access to guns, they may have shot the horny ministers and their enablers. My guess is they would have aimed low. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. WOW, spot on. And I do know you meant this tongue in cheek, but it is a great point. Yes! I am not sure what family values really means now in these days. Whose families and what values. I sure wouldn’t want any family to be built on what the values held by those I grew up with. So as every family has different family values, what do we think of one group trying to force their view of such a thing on everyone else? Hugs


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