REVOLUTIONARY New Cancer Treatment Drug, The Price Will Make You Cringe

An experimental cancer drug treating rectal cancer patients may have just revolutionized the field forever as all 18 patients in the trial group saw their cancer vanish after six months. Researchers have apparently never seen a cancer drug trial of this scale succeed with perfect results, an incredibly promising sign for future trials and research. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks.

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“A tiny group of people with rectal cancer just experienced something of a scientific miracle: their cancer simply vanished after an experimental treatment.

In a very small trial done by doctors at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, patients took a drug called dostarlimab for six months.

The trial resulted in every single one of their tumors disappearing.

The trial group included just 18 people, and there’s still more to be learned about how the treatment worked.

But some scientists say these kinds of results have never been seen in the history of cancer research.

Dr. Hanna Sanoff of the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center joined NPR’s All Things Considered to outline how this drug works and what it could mean for the future of cancer research.

Although she was not involved with the study, Dr. Sanoff has written about the results.”

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