Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert’s Secret Off-Roading Accident COVER-UP

8 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert’s Secret Off-Roading Accident COVER-UP

  1. Sheeesh!!! What a b*tch!!! it takes someone without a shred of a conscience to do that! I hope this story is plastered all over the news in her district in Colorado! And I hope she loses so big that she tucks her tail between her legs and slinks off into the night … forever! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Yes to everything you said and more. I watch the YouTube videos of these 4X4 areas and trails for fun, but they are not for relaxation. What she did broke all the rules. Every instruction. First on dangerous trails a vehicle roll cage is normally required and the rule is stay as completely inside the vehicle as possible, so you are protected. People go out in teams so others can help after a roll. And I am stunned her first thought was to abandon the vehicle with her child in it. I think of the mother in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas, who fought the police, climbed a fence and rushed into the building where a gun man was shooting to rescue her children. Boebert bailed thinking only of herself. Yet she thinks she should be in the US congress making laws.

      Did you hear the latest to come out about her? Seems she was having money trouble and started working as an escort after her modeling career failed. I don’t judge like she does, but one of her wealthy clients introduced her to a politician named … Ted Cruz. Guess who helped her run for office and get big money donors? Yes Ted Cruz, he even gave her a lot of money. Well if she slept with him, she deserves a lot of money. But there is more. During this time doing sex work she had a few slip ups and the occupational hazard popped up, yes she got pregnant. So she did what every woman should have the right to do, she got two abortions. Oh wait this is the pro-life family values Republican that is trying to regulate everyone else’s sexual activities and to ban the right to abortion. OH, the hypocrisy. Hugs

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      1. Too bad this last part about the witch isn’t more well-known. Thing is, if the people can believe tRump when he says “it’s all lies,” then why should we expect them to believe these incidents about her?

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        1. Hello Nan. No one would have believed it about Cawthorn that he was secretly at least gay curious and once tried to play it off as funny putting his dick in another guy’s face, until they seen what this group dug up on him. I don’t think this group wants to be sued. So if they put this out there, they must have stuff to back it up. But time will tell, right? Hugs

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      2. I did hear about the escort service and abortions, but I’ve also read that much of that may be speculative rather than fact-based, so much as I despise that bitch, I’ll wait until there is some verifiable evidence before opining on that. Better to say nothing now than to have to backtrack later, eh? No doubt it won’t take more than a few days for the truth to come out. Hugs

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          1. I wondered about that, too, but still … better safe than sorry. The fact that she’s filing a lawsuit … if, in fact, she is … made me stop for a minute and think I want to see some facts first. Hugs

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