9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about culture shifting and representation….

    1. Hello Jill I agree. There is no better person to represent you, than you! I love it. I also love his son saying his dad would probably drive them. Young people absorb what they have around them, they rise or fall to the level of those they want to be like. If those they admire hate other people they will absorb that, if those that they admire endorse equality and compassion they will absorb that also. Hugs

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      1. Indeed, what his son said speaks volumes about the sort of person Beau is! And you’re so right about children absorbing what they see/hear at home. Some grow up to shun the flaws of their parents, determined to be better than their parents, as was my case. But sadly, others follow in those footsteps. And to make matters worse, it is the ignorant who produce the most children! Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. I agree about not being what your family is / was. I had a choice I could be what the hateful mean cruel horrible people I lived with wanted to make me into, or I could work to become the person I wanted to be, the kind of person I would like to spend time with or admire. So I worked on becoming the person I am today. Still a work in progress, but so much better than what they wanted to make me. I am glad you got to be Jill, to be yourself, because you are a pretty grand person. Hugs.

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          1. You and I looked around, I think, and realized that not everybody was like our own families, that there were other ways of being. I’m not sure whether to credit luck, intelligence, or street savvy, but I’m glad we succeeded! And thank you, Scottie … you’re a pretty grand person too!!! Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes you can tell the difference between him and the hate mongers that refuse to accept the changes in culture and understanding. Think how great the US could be if people like him were in congress instead of the Republican owned by the wealthy / corporations. Hugs

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