Candace Owens Calls For State To Seize Trans Children

“I have been covering the wonderful month of Pride, for which I feel no pride for at all. I think it should be called shame month. It’s absolute debauchery.

“You’re seeing right now that adults are getting behind this narrative so they can have a woke t-shirt on and say, ‘I love my children. I allowed my child to pick their gender and pick their species.’

“And they feel proud of themselves because they can go and they can say this on Facebook that they are wonderful, accepting, and loving adults.

“When, in reality, they are underqualified to have children. They should have their children taken away from them because it’s child abuse.” – Daily Wire host Candace Owens, on her podcast.


Dreaming Vertebrate • a day ago

Is this really a surprise after republicans cheered as Trump put thousands of kids in cages? The casual cruelty is in fact the whole point.

Priya Lynn Dreaming Vertebrate • a day ago

And permanently separated many from their parents.

Ross • a day ago

Somebody recently posted an article about how well this anti-trans shit plays with GOP voters.

They’re eating this shit up.

As such, Republican Nazi politicians know they are on solid ground. Many may not actually believe a word of what they’re saying but, hey, if it helps get them elected, who cares about the human cost.

Darreth Ross • a day ago

The GQP will always find a group to hate, then use that hate as a tool for votes.

Octoberfurst Darreth • a day ago

Republicans can’t exist without having some group to hate. Communists, liberals, Muslims, Jews, dark-skinned immigrants, gays, trans, Blacks, the list goes on and on. Unless you are a straight, white, conservative Christian you are the enemy! Hate is all they have.

segv11 Darreth • a day ago

They’re even playing one of their greatest hits by going after us gays for “grooming.” There’s just no minority group that doesn’t deserve a kicking in the eyes of Republicans.

S_E_P omi-palone • a day ago

Its a horror for god-botherers that we can control our own lives free from their fucked up suppression

Paula • a day ago

I can only imagine the torture, mental and physical, they would subject these children to.

Octoberfurst • a day ago

Owens is such a vile POS! But it seems like the entire right-wing has gone into hysterics over the “danger” of having gay and trans people around children, even their own. This hateful rhetoric is exactly the same as the Nazi’s used against the Jews! “They are a danger to society and must be dealt with!” People are going to be killed because of this BS!

Todd20036 Octoberfurst • a day ago • edited

Yup. LBGTs are the new Jews, and you can bet there’ll be plenty of gay people who are willing to throw trans people under the bus because reasons

4 thoughts on “Candace Owens Calls For State To Seize Trans Children

  1. So let me get this right in my Brit head. These folk who go on a great length about Deep State, The ‘right’ to carry guns and their constitutional defence etc etc…
    Want to seize children now?
    For their ‘own good’.
    Wow…..How ‘socialist’ (sarcasm) can you get?

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    1. Hello Roger. Candace Owens is struggling to stay noticed and relevant. See she was the to go to black person during the tRump years, to show the Republicans and the right were not racist, see this black person that spouts right wing talking points. But things got harder from her after the Republicans really moved past denying their racism and bigotry. She had a stay grift going and it was drying up. So to keep favor with the right she gets more hardline and more radical right every day. Soon she will be calling for people to distrust black people and a curfew for people of color. Hugs

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