Everything Is “Voter Fraud” Except When Cultists Win

This is the idea now out there in the maga world I have been warning against.  It has been building since Bill Clinton.   No election is valid unless a republican wins.   Even though Republicans are the minority country wide!   The Republicans and their media are pushing the idea that if they lose it is rigged against them as they deserve to win, and only they have the right to win.   It is scary because the US people seem to be buying it.   Hugs

The Associated Press reports:

Nevada Republican Jim Marchant insisted there hadn’t been a legitimate election in his state in more than a decade. All of Nevada’s election winners since 2006, he said on a recent podcast, were “installed by the deep-state cabal.”

But when Marchant won the Republican nomination for Nevada secretary of state this week, he immediately celebrated the victory as legitimate.

Such inconsistency has become a hallmark of election deniers in Republican primary contests across the U.S. in this year’s midterms.

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The piece going to point out multiple other examples of this glaring hypocrisy, perhaps most notably with QAnon Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, who gloated “God is good” after winning his primary.


Unfortunately, this tweet is very accurate.


4 thoughts on “Everything Is “Voter Fraud” Except When Cultists Win

    1. Hello Roger. I think back to the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W Bush. When the court stopped the recount Gore was gracious and accepted the defeat when it turned out he really had won the election. But as he said the peaceful transfer of power was the cornerstone of our system. Many have noted what makes the US democracy work was the willingness to step down from power if your side loses. That is gone now. tRump killed it. Yes the Republican party felt that only they should have government office, only they should rule, but they still accepted the results. Until tRump and right from the start his first run he said he couldn’t lose he was always the winner so it was rigged if he lost. That was before any vote was cast. His voters loved that idea and the party took it to heart as the way it must always be now. Only Republicans can win. And if you ask them why they claim it is because there are so many of them but they disregard the rest of us in the country who are not Republicans. Hugs

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