Florida Papers Blast GOP Hypocrisy On Drag Shows

From the Miami Herald editorial board:

In the same week that the Jan. 6 committee unveiled its findings on the attack against American democracy, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others were more preoccupied with children attending a drag show in Dallas, Texas.

Republicans used the “parents know best” line to pass the “Don’t say gay” bill, which banned instructions in K-3 public school classrooms about sexual orientation and gender identity. Wouldn’t bringing their child to a drag show qualify as parents exercising that autonomy? Republicans, your hypocrisy is showing.

Read the full editorial.

The same editorial ran in the Orlando Sentinel.


Raising_Rlyeh • 5 hours ago • edited

The thing is hypocrisy doesn’t bother them. That would require having a sense of shame. In fact, they love hypocrisy because it demonstrates power. They can say one thing and do another with zero consequences

John T Raising_Rlyeh • 4 hours ago

They are very consistent about one principle: that they should have the power to tell you what to do while you can’t tell them what to do.

Adam Schmidt • 5 hours ago

It all comes back to their basic position of “they get to tell you what to do, you can’t tell them what to do”

Nic Peterson • 4 hours ago

The point of legislation such as we have seen from Floriduh is to provide some cover for christianity Inc. The best way to divert attention from religious people fucking children is for legislators to point fingers at the gay community and now drag queens. There is nothing novel about this as the same play was used in the early seventies by former beauty queen and current whore for christianity Inc, Anita Bryant.

5 thoughts on “Florida Papers Blast GOP Hypocrisy On Drag Shows

  1. This seems like a good place to give you a link to a toon in The Nib. I emailed my newsletter to you a couple of weeks ago or so, but now I know! 🙂 Anyway, this toon could go with this post, so here’s the link: https://thenib.com/trans-kids-panic/ . You can look around the site from there. They publish Tom Tomorrow each Tuesday, is how I found the site a few years back. Now, back to the article, sigh. I can’t figure out why humans are so threatened by other humans who are not threatening.

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    1. Hello Ali. The newsletter was the one with the Summer News Cow? The article you sent me on the trans issue? On the Nib, it is one of the places I have saved for when I did the round up. The only thing I dislike about the site is it is hard to copy and paste from them. I like this cartoon and will post it. Thanks. Hugs

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      1. It is horribly hard to cut and paste from the Nib! They sell a great deal for the writers and artists. But you’ve got it. Now I’m just waiting for a bread post so I can give you the recipe I emailed you back when we were talking about burger buns! 😀 😀

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        1. Hello Ali. I don’t think I got that email. But I won’t be making bread for a while. Bread is on my no-no list right now while my sugar is going all over the place. I have my sandwiches with tortilla shells instead of bread. Hugs

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