I would like to explain something happening with me.

Hello Playtime viewers, thank you so much for being here.  I want to tell you something that is going on with me and hope it helps you understand why sometimes lately it is more than my pain levels that is causing me to go to bed and why I am not able to quickly answer comments.   

Right up front it seems my pancreas is not producing insulin at any real sufficient amount anymore.  The pills I have taken for years do not really work anymore.   This is not due to diet, but due to the fact that to help me be able to calm the back muscle spasms and to handle the damage to my spine I have to take heavy steroid injections.  Oh yes if I could get out and weight lift and exercise, I would be so ripped.  

At the risk of irritating those that worry I share too much about my own life let me tell you about my day and the blood sugar issue I endured.  

I got up with Ron, we try to get up together, since there is no way we can go to bed together.   Yes, it is silly but it means something to us, and we try to do it.  We started our day.   I am trying hard to restrict my caloric intake, I have a very sit on my ass lifestyle, I do not need a lot of calories.   Plus groceries are expensive.   Ron likes to push food on me, because he is a loving spouse.   

Fast forward to lunch, he had breakfast, I did not.  I took my blood sugar and it was low so the insulin required was only 4 units.    He made me a salad which I try to have at least once a day often twice, my salad is lettuce, mushrooms, carrot shavings, crotons, and if we have them hardboiled egg white parts.  (side note if I get hungry for breakfast I try to have three or four hard boiled eggs with nothing else, this diet has reduced my waist and belly size amazingly) he made me one roast beef with white cheddar cheese & mustard sandwich.      Don’t worry, this will become more important in a few minutes.   I promise.    So after I ate that I was still hungry so Ron made me another sandwich.  Then craving salt, I had the last few crumbs of Lays chips we had in the house (we decided not to have them as Ron is the same with chips that I am with sweets, if they are in the house we will eat them no matter how bad for us so now we don’t have them in the house) 

We both went for a nap, we both get tired after eating and normally take a nap in the early afternoon.  I think it is more an excuse to lay down with each other than sleep but we do it most days.    But I couldn’t sleep.   So I got up, but as I got hotter and hotter, my thoughts got more confused.   When Ron got up I complained to him how hot I was and that I was struggling to think.   He knew something was wrong and told me it was not that hot in the house.   He had me take my blood sugar and yes it was very high.  This was hours after lunch.   He had me take more insulin to cover it.   I was up in the 400 territory.   I took the insulin he told me and within ten minutes I felt better and could think more clearly.   It seems my pancreas is not producing insulin even with my pill medication.   My endocrinologist was worried about this because of the steroids I need.   He tells me that pills wont lower blood sugar if you are taking steroids.  That is why he put me on insulin along with my pills.   It seems that as the steroids increase the pills have less effect.  I think I will soon have to go on a regiment of insulin that at I worry is going to be very expensive.     So that is my day.   Earlier I was foggy in my thinking, now at 6 PM I feel clear headed.  Ron has so much mental degradation in his family he is terrified of it, and I admit when my thoughts get foggy due to blood sugar it is scary for me.  One of the things I love most is my ability to reason, but when my blood sugar is out of whack it is like walking through waist high water and trying to run.   You cannot do it well.   Any way I just wanted to keep you grand viewers what is going on with me.    Hugs

21 thoughts on “I would like to explain something happening with me.

  1. Oh Scottie! Life just doesn’t want to cooperate with you, does it? So sorry you’ve had another crummy experience. Sending good and healing thoughts your way and hoping the worst is over …. at least for this time! ❤❤❤

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. But what is so unfair is I have cut out all sweets. Really. The other day I found myself staring at a bottle of maple syrup in the fridge thinking how grand it would be to just have some, no one would know, just have a spoonful or two …, and then I closed the fridge door because I am after all an adult. Or I think I am.

      Yet these days without any extra sugars I still have the tired swings, just not as bad.

      The thing is now Ron and I are beginning to understand how to spot the signs in my behavior, and what to do when it occurs.

      The thing is remember when you wrote about how you did not understand why a diabetic would eat sweets, well I stopped doing that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still really want them. But it turns out that was not really my problem because even without sweets my blood sugar and how my body reacts have stayed the same if not worse.

      Nan what is scaring me is that for years I had just my primary care doctor for my diabetes, and he was so unconcern about it. Then I forced him to send me to an endocrinologist for a different issue, and that new doctor insisted on taking over my diabetic care.

      He told me right away that my sugar was uncontrolled and that he felt I would need insulin due to my frequent steroid injections. Well we went back and forth and found a place we were both comfortable with. But as my steroid injections have increased so have my sugar problems and it seems he is correct. Even with the strict diet I have put myself on for the last two months every time I get my steroid shots it sends my blood sugars crazy. The way I am managing it now is having Ron tell me if I am spacy or something seems wrong. I take my blood sugar and then if it is high, I cover it with the fast-acting insulin.

      Nan the issue is not really my blood sugar or what I do to fix it, it is the way it makes me feel. I either want to sleep all the time or I am hyperactive. I cannot find a medium right now. Sometimes I eat supper at 4 in the afternoon and then go to bed until the next morning at 7 AM. Ron comes down at 8 or 9 and asks if I am going to get up and I tell him to shut my computers down please as I won’t be getting up.

      You have to understand that I take a lot of narcotics and pain medications that can make me sleepy, but I am used to them. This is different. This is once I eat lunch or supper, bang I am gone. I will tell Ron I will only lay down for an hour or so, but in truth I am done, you couldn’t wake me with a taser. So I have to address this with my doctor. But it scares me because of what I have heard that insulin costs for those that have to take more than I do. But I have to do what I have to do, right. OK, I am off to bed, this got way longer than I meant it to. Thanks again for caring and you know I listen to you, even if I don’t want to admit it. 😀😃😄🙄😛🥰 Hugs


      1. Scottie, it seems to me there are a number of “sweet” products on the market that are designed for diabetics. Have you looked into them at all?

        Also, have you discussed all that you shared in your comment with your endocrinologist? I realize your pain situation is different from your diabetes, but since the respective medicines seem to be contradictive, maybe he can help.

        Your physical situation is truly a “catch 22.”

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        1. Hello Nan. The sugar free cakes / brownies and stuff like the have occationally. But there is still sugars in them. I love sugar free gum but you have to be careful as some of the sugar substitutes can cause diarrhea. As for sharing with the doctor, I don’t see the doctor until August. But I will go over it with him then. Hugs

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        2. Hello Nan. Here it is Sunday morning and I am trying to watch the Sunday news programs. My before breakfast blood sugar was 147, which is okay. I would have liked it down below 130 but my doctor says it can be as high as 178 as long as it is not consistently that high. Normally I have been having four hard boiled eggs lately for breakfast but being Sunday I splurged with two pieces of toast with a little bit of peanut butter spread thinly over the toast. Also two pieces of thick sliced bacon. I have managed to greatly shrink my stomach and I couldn’t finish all of my breakfast, which is great. But here is the problem. After eating I am sitting here typing this and I want to go to bed. I need to go lay down. My back is hurting bad, but the real worst problem is I am so sleepy from eating. Yes the peanut butter was a mistake, but it is Sunday. Oh well, the news programs are being recorded so I am off to lay down. Hugs


            1. Hello Nan. I have not had a chance to talk to him about all this. I was doing well on the program we had, and with me cutting out all sweets and doing dieting after I refused to pay $458 for one month of 30 pills for one of the diabetes medications. Then on the 9th my pain doctor had to up the treatment of steroids due to those spasms in my back I hurt when I tried to carry the soda, that sent my sugar uncontrolled. That meant having to cover the blood sugar several times because my insulin is fast acting and the long term pills are not working, and one is not being taken. Then as that started to be under control the crazy eat and seep, eat and sleep more started. Now it is common for people to get a little sleepy after eating as the blood sugar changes, but I am going through drastic changes and it is not only sleeping, but I also get extremely diaphoretic. As the blood sugar cycles I go into sweating like you never seen, water drips right off me all over me. It is like I was just stepping out of a swimming pool I am dripping that much. But after a period time it just stops as either the insulin stops working or the blood sugar change in my body stabilizes. This morning I just took my morning blood sugar, 186. That is too high. My doctor wants it below 178. Anything staying over 178 I am to contact his office. Which means last week I should have been contacting him. But I am only taking on “long term coverage pill” and it seems to me from what I understand of the situation my pancreas is simply not producing insulin as it should even with the pill I am still taking. So Nan the real thing I have to do is fix the eat and get so tired I go to bed issue. We will see. No harm, as I said it is just a step in my journey. Plus it is totally possible I had a bug last weekend that was screwing me up also. Hugs

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  2. Scottie, I’m so glad you and Ron have each other to care for you guys. This sounds like discouraging, but I know you’re resilient and will come through. Meanwhile, all healing thoughts and energy to you all there.

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    1. Not “like discouraging,” just discouraging. I’ve been making some typos on these different keyboards. But all is generally well, so back to you. Here’s to a treatment you can live well with!

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  3. I am feeling so sorry for your pain, and the sad circumstances of life, Scottie! At least you have a good partner around. Best wishes, also for fast recovery. Sometimes the human body is just irritated by something, and goes back to normal functionality. xx Michael

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    1. Hello Michael. What you say is very true. It could be I caught a bug from going out, or Ron brough one home. I was doing really well for a couple months, and I am sure I will do really well again. It may just be I will have to go on long term insulin. Hugs

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  4. So sorry to read this report, Scottie. Maybe there’s an alternative to the steroids? Are you able to walk at all? I understand that taking a little walk after meals—even inside your house—can help lower blood sugar spikes.
    And we just gotta get price controls on that insulin!
    Thinking of you. Take good care.

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    1. Hello Annie. No I have to have the steroids. My spine is so badly messed up that the muscles are trying to protect it and act to help it. I am trying to walk but the situation is that right now the heat in our area of Florida is in the mid 90’s every day, almost all day, and while it doesn’t bother me too much it really hurts Ron and he doesn’t like me going for a walk alone. So I will have to find a different means of exercising the tiredness out. For me right now the Insulin is affordable, but the Jardiance and Janumet is really expensive. If he has to put me on long term insulin that might change and it might get more expensive for me. As I said to Ali, just another step in the journey of my life. Hugs


  5. Sorry for the delay in getting to you Scottie. My WP habits tend to be chaotic.
    Very concerned to read about your health, and the same time lovely to read how close you and Ron are as a couple and what a good carer he is.
    Best wishes from across the water, and I hope you are feeling better today, Monday 20th June.

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    1. Hello Roger. Thank you. Yes Ron is a born care giver, it is something that comes so naturally with him. I am going to be ok, I don’t know what is causing it, but I have to get a handle on the feeling like I need to sleep all the time. Maybe I need coffee intravenously. Hugs

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