A trans cartoon Ali Send me from the Nib. Thanks Ali. Hugs

Trans Kids Need Room To Grow

We can’t and won’t be legislated away.

I want to add something that this cartoon series leaves out.   Up until puberty kicked in and his body started becoming more clearly female he was able to pass as an androgynous boy.   The medically approved treatment is to use puberty blockers so the body doesn’t go through the wrong puberty locking in features that will forever make the outside body appearance does not match the inside gender identity.  It also reduces the need for some body changing surgeries.  Hugs

7 thoughts on “A trans cartoon Ali Send me from the Nib. Thanks Ali. Hugs

  1. The advances made in gender-affirming medicine since I first learned transition could happen (around 1977) are just amazing! It seems a shame if all that research just gets discarded, as it helps more people than many realize.

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    1. Hello Ali. That is what scares me and what is happening. All the data and medical science is being thrown out and disregarded due to bigotry. Some places are being bullied into change accepted medical treatment programs regressing to non-treatments or incorrect treatments due to intimidation. One of the commenters loved to mention the big hospital in Sweden changed its policy from doing patient treatment at its facility to having it done in separate clinics and the hospital board admitted it was due to intimidation. They were worried about losing funding pushed by the conservatives. As you know in Texas the AG was blocked by the courts from interfering in a trans treatment case being fought between the doctors and the hospital after Texas said it was illegal to give transition treatment. The doctors are willing and the AG hated that. He wanted to use the power of the state to hammer through a win for the anti-trans. It is a worrying time for the entire LGBTQ+ community but we really need to support out trans brothers and sisters that are being singled out for abuse. Hugs

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  2. It’s only, when we stop feeling dissonant over who we are, and conflict with how society perceives us, then, we became, who we’re, supposed to be, but, the unfortunate part about this, is that, the society, and the outside world isn’t, as open-minded as it should be, these kids are, having it hard enough as is, dealing with the internal, conflicts, and they also have to, cope with the outside world’s, putting them all, into thise tiny boxes of either or genders too.

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes the world is not understanding for the most part and it is making it hard for trans kids / people to reconcile who they are with what they appear to be. And yes some of these people will feel that death is the only peace they will be able to find. These anti-trans people are working hard to increase the problems of these kids rather than help them. Hugs


    1. Hello Randy. An incredibly beautiful video. It is just sad that a child that young had to make it. It breaks my heart that a child her age understand people hate her for just existing. Hugs


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