Carl Paladino Calls Blacks “Dumb” And Brainwashed

CNN reports:

New York Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino told a radio host in late 2016 that Black Americans were kept “dumb and hungry” so they could be conditioned to only vote for the Democratic Party, saying, “You can’t teach them differently.”

In a statement to CNN, Paladino said CNN had taken his words out of context. “It is not surprising that CNN is once again taking my comments out of context from years ago. Democrats policies have failed black voters and taken them for granted which is why Republicans have a historic opportunity to win huge this November,” Paladino said.

Read the full article.

Paladino earned national headlines early this month when unearthed audio showed him effusively praising Hitler’s leadership.

Days later he denied and then later admitted posting a statement that called recent mass shootings “false flags.”

Longtime JMG readers will recall Paladino for his viciously anti-LGBTQ statements during his failed 2010 run for New York governor.

In a 2010 interview with an upstate newspaper, Paladino called Michelle Obama a male gorilla who should be “released to live in a cave in the outback of Zimbabwe.”

In the same interview he suggested that President Obama might die of mad cow disease because he’d been having sex with cows.

Around the same time Paladino was exposed for forwarding racist cartoons that included depictions of bestiality.

Paladino was Trump’s 2016 New York state campaign chairman. He is endorsed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has stood by him even after the Hitler revelations.


Hank • 16 hours ago

A NAZI is a NAZI no matter HOW he tries to “spin” it!!!


Gregory Peterson • 16 hours ago

That reminds me of the “country club Klan” Citizens’ Councils from the 1950s-60s, which denied that they were bigots, racists and hatemongers…but the NAACP was.

They were so racist that they thought that an effective organization like the NAACP couldn’t have been Black led, but instead, must have been secretly run by white liberals manipulating gullible, easily led Black people in order to weaken America for a commie takeover.

April Smith • 16 hours ago • edited

‘In another comment, he said a woman who accused Trump of sexual assault probably enjoyed it’

Normalizing rape and sexual assault.

So classy.

7 thoughts on “Carl Paladino Calls Blacks “Dumb” And Brainwashed

  1. Think about this comment of his … Black Americans were kept “dumb and hungry” … and then adds the part about the Democrats. IN REALITY, it is the Repukes that are keeping them “dumb and hungry” because they constantly push them down and do NOTHING to help them better themselves. (Oh yeah … and kill them whenever the opportunity arises.)

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    1. Hello Nan. We know the Republicans no longer care about hypocrisy nor about reality. I am at a loss how to fight it anymore when the Republican candidates are worse than anything you can use to mock them. Seriously when you look at who is winning republican primaries, they are the openly worse of the worse. They are the open thugs, open fascist and authoritarians, they are openly Christian nationalist, they openly deny the results of elections. Just this week a board of elections in a Republican stronghold refused to certify an election because a Democrat won. They just refused to certify a win if the Democrat won. A court ruled they had to, and one member of the board still refused. They did not have a real reason other than the Republican lost and that simply is not going to be allowed now. So I don’t know what to do now to shame them or reach them. We are in a national emergency, and we need all Democrats to vote as never before, and it still might not be enough. Hugs

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  2. They never did get over Obama being elected did they?
    It’s caused a traumatic over-shock that left a number of them incapable of rational thought and caused some to be displaying sociopathic tendencies. (a not fully sarcastic statement)

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes so true. They feel the same about black people in office that they feel about Democrats holding office. They simply don’t accept it nor believe it should ever be. The racist had their very core fractured. I actually remember people saying that if the blacks got into office white people wouldn’t ever be elected to office again. As if the black people wouldn’t allow it. But then the white people took away the voting rights of the black people. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. You keep tell me that Republicans do not understand the trouble they are stirring up. But they look at what South Africa was with apartheid, and they love it. They want that here. I hate what they want to make my country into. Hugs

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          1. The Afrikaan regime held all the cards. They had the tacit agreement of The Western World, they held all the weaponry, the black populations were initially not united being of various tribals affiliations.
            In this troubled time terrorism has become a more sophisticated and commonly utilised weaponry.
            As America found out in Iraq and Afghanistan, so did USSR. And the mainland UK in Ulster.
            This is the factor which haunts me, urban and communal violence. No one can ever say ‘it couldn’t happen here’.
            My apologies Scottie for painting the grimmest of scenarios. Ulster / Northern Ireland left a strong memory on most of us who lived through the 1970s- 1990s. (Apart from Boris Johnson that is, but that’s another story).
            Take care my good friend.

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