Super hard right Republican not far enough right for right wing fascist group in Texas.

Two different sources.    



Proud Boys Assault Crenshaw At TX GOP Convention

Proud Boys Assault Crenshaw At TX GOP Convention

Mediaite reports:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw and his staff were violently confronted at the Republican Party of Texas convention a short time ago, when far-right social media activist Alex Stein and others whom witnesses described as Proud Boys began shouting “eyepatch McCain” at him – an attempted insult coined by Tucker Carlson. A witness to the incident tells Mediaite that in addition to Stein and others being escorted out of the building, “some arrests” were made at the scene.

Read the full article. Alex Stein, you may recall, was part of the mob of extremists that attempted to storm a Dallas gay bar earlier this month.


AyJayDee Uncle Mark eats the rainbow • 7 hours ago

Basically the same thing that happened to German conservatives who thought they could control Hitler

KnownDonorDad AyJayDee • 7 hours ago

Edgar Jung tried valiantly to counter Hitler, but it was too late at that point and he was assassinated.…

Gustav2 • 8 hours ago

“eyepatch McCain”

They really are 13 year old boys.

rcdcr Gustav2 • 8 hours ago

“eyepatch McCain” is from the mouth of Tucker Carlson on his tv show

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow rcdcr • 7 hours ago

Tucker’s so happy that at this point in his pathetic wimpy life, the bad boys on the playground have moved on from throwing rocks at lil’ Tuckums and throwing them at Tuckum’s targets.

10 thoughts on “Super hard right Republican not far enough right for right wing fascist group in Texas.

    1. Hello taurusingemini. One thing I have noticed is being a thug and acting belligerently is so highly valued in the right now that it has gone to the extreme. Dan Crenshaw once tore into a 10 year old girl asking a question shouting at her that his religious convictions wouldn’t ever be questions. Despite the people shouting at him he wouldn’t back down. Being an asshole was ingrained in him. Now an even more extreme thuggish belligerent group is trying to take over the right wing. Each group leads to an even more extreme and more violent group. Hugs

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      1. Exactly. While I so want to feel that couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, as it were, it’s still unsettling to me that people think it’s ok to behave that way. It’s people like Crenshaw’s fault, but it affects everyone.

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        1. Hello Ali. True. And as these groups spiral down to the dregs of humanity they keep causing more harm to the bystanders to prove they are worthy. More people are in the way of their war with each other. The guy that attacked Crenshaw was also the one that attacked parents who were leaving a drag event put on for children and families. A totally family friendly event. But this guy with his crew not only tried to break in to terrorize the people there, he tried to follow and attack the parents when they left. Talk about scaring kids. And the next group will be worse because that is now how you prove yourself to the maga base. Hugs


    1. Hello Ten Bears. Interesting matchup. Dan Crenshaw is used to being the unquestioned tough guy with the military credentials. Now he had to be protected why an even more thuggish extreme group screamed insults and questions at him. Tucker is such a sissy boy that he has a shrill nearly hysterical laugh when he gets in over his head used to kneel to people like Crenshaw but now that Tucker wants to run for President he has to change tactics. He will have to man up and try to out tough the tough guys. Weird stuff coming up. Hugs

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