Furious Texas Paul ANNIHILATES Lauren Boebert for Infrastructure Hypocrisy

Lauren Boebert is now demanding more than $33 million for an infrastructure project after voting against the infrastructure bill. Texas Paul gives his thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Furious Texas Paul ANNIHILATES Lauren Boebert for Infrastructure Hypocrisy

  1. Scottie, what I find interesting is after Trump talked of helping the infrastructure in 2016, the Dem Senate leaders pleaded with Trump to make that his first initiative in 2017. They said they would support discussion. Instead Trump decided to make his first effort to take people’s healthcare away. Thank goodness for John McCain who put an end to that after some god-awful legislation was attempted. So, at least Biden focused on a need in our country which some Republicans could not support because it was the other tribe’s idea. At least he is talking about helping people rather than working on contrived issues. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I find it a symbol of the entire tRump administration that the one very large accomplishment that was accomplished was a huge tax cut for tRump and his wealthy friends, with real estate cuts and kickbacks being the group that got the most benefits from the 2017 tax cuts. Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. The fact is these people have no shame. They love hypocrisy. She sees nothing wrong with voting to stop a bill then trying to make sure she gets a cut of that bill. To her and those like her it is all just fun and games and they do not have principle stands. Plus they know their people don’t care about news so they can lie to them about all of it and have it both ways. These are not the best and brightest, but they are the most gifted grifters. Hugs

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