2 thoughts on “Absurd New Supreme Court Ruling Guts the Separation of Church and State

  1. Of course the SC’s decision as related to the funding of religious schools is TOTALLY biased. But this is what we are dealing with (and will continue to do so) now that we have a majority of CHRISTIAN judges. Unfortunately, there will be NO neutrality when it comes to religious cases.

    However, having said that, I do wonder how they would rule if the case was about money going to a school that was teaching Buddhism or Hinduism or Bahai or Shinto or …

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    1. Hello Nan. Not sure how far up the court ladder it has progressed but right after the PA Christian adoption agency won the right to discriminate against gay people and still take taxpayer money the same damn Christian agency refused to place a child with a Jewish couple citing religion. That was the case where Gorsuch said the worst kind of discrimination was discrimination against religion. On the SC ruling today, Nancy had a fund-raising letter ready to go! Ya !!! Oh that solves the problem for sure. The Democratic party leader Speaker of the House had a fund raising letter ready to go and sent out right away. No legislation, no call to action of her members and yes she fought for an anti-choice corporate Democrat in Texas over the progressive pro-choice candidate. Oh what a champion for choice she is. Hugs

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