Twitter ERUPTS after Pence attacks Biden as ‘most dishonest’

Don’t give Mike Pence too much credit. He went on Larry Kudlow’s show to let the world know that he still wants to court the MAGA base. Absolutely shameful. Twitter naturally ERUPTED after his remarks. Jordy breaks it down!

4 thoughts on “Twitter ERUPTS after Pence attacks Biden as ‘most dishonest’

    1. Hello Nan. How delusional does he have to be. These are the same people that chanted “Hang Mike Pence”. There is no way they will accept him, not even the evangelicals. They want tRump 2.0 thug DeathSantis. I am more worried every day what this next election will bring because Biden and his team seem clueless to the danger. He is still trying to ride in the center. The center has gone. Roger reminded me of that in the French election both the left and the right gained, and the centralist lost. People don’t want the same old falling further behind. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jimmy. Very true. It seems that tRump wanted Pence or other elected officials harmed so then tRump could have declared martial law and the insurrection act. The murder of an elected official was a feature not a bug of the plan. He wanted it to be bloody. Hugs


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