MTG: Unseat All Republicans Who Back Gun Reform Bill

For me the worst thing was the gaslighting by Marge Greene.   She claims that she and her all guns all time crew represent the people.    But the people disagree, all the polling shows the public wants gun regulations and controls.   But hey I guess the only members of the public that count anymore are the maga members.   Those are the parents that get a say in what is taught in schools, no other parents, maga are the only ones that get to vote now, maga thugs seem to make life hell for any other group in public, maga seems to be running the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) and maga seems to be running most police departments.    So we are now being told, the only republican voters that count are maga voters.    Hugs

“These are Republican senators that Republican voters do not support any more. We’ve got to change our Republican Party and needs to happen right here. Because if we don’t start defending Americans’ freedoms and rights and putting America first, our Republican voters are not going to want to put us in charge.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene, after reading the names of the 14 GOP Senators who last night voted to advance the bipartisan gun reform package. Standing with MTG were Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Thomas Massie, and other extremist Freedom Caucus members.

Darreth • 16 minutes ago

‘Your dead children are the continued sacrifice that you will make so we can stay in charge of the US.’ – MJG

And she will get plenty of votes for that sentiment from her people.

That_Anonymous_Coward Darreth • 15 minutes ago

Well because now they can use the school vouchers to send their kids to religious schools & god will protect their kids so its all fine.

Ragnar_Lothbrok • 14 minutes ago

lol she think she some kind of leader?

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