Donald Trump SECRET RECORDING with Georgia Secretary of State EXPOSED in FULL

This is astounding.  Incredible.   I know people hard of hearing will struggle with this, and when tRump talks he is very loud compared to the other people and I had to keep adjusting the volume, but my dogs that love gravy this is a must listen to by everyone!   tRump starts out very cordial listing all the ways he won, how the system was against him but how he won every state, how he had all these reports that were true (even when told they were not true he claimed they were verified true) he pulled repeated numbers out of his ass and kept just claiming everyone knew he won and everyone was angry these states had not given him the win.   Then when after a while the State of Georgia people try to politely push back telling tRump his numbers are not true, he gets ugly and threatening.   Plus he goes on a total rant about Ruby Freeman and her daughter claiming this old lady was a well-known political activist who repeatedly sabotaged Republicans and that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger knew this and let her get away with it, and he maybe even helped her.    The call was entirely tRump being tRump.  Totally delusional, totally unable to accept anything he did not say as even been said, he is the complete authority and if you don’t agree you are wrong.   This is worth listening to even if you have trouble hearing.   This is the cult leader of the Republican party and the right wing.  This was almost the king of the US.   This is the guy that all the armed militias came to the capital to put in office against the votes of the people.   This is the guy who has inspired an army of Trumpism politicians and most scary inspired ones like DeathSantis who will be way worse and way smarter and will not leave office if he gets elected president.   Hugs

Just re-released by the January 6th committee, hear the full, unedited recording between former President Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. There are more than 11,780 reasons to listen to this. 

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump SECRET RECORDING with Georgia Secretary of State EXPOSED in FULL

  1. GAWD! He’s is soooo long-winded!!! And is essentially saying NOTHING! I’ve already watched almost 20 minutes and he’s been yakking almost the entire time. I’m really not sure if I have the intestinal fortitude to watch/listen to this video to the end! I will try because I want to hear Brad’s response, but sheesh!

    What a TWIT!!

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    1. Hello Nan. I love it, “What a TWIT”! I don’t know how much farther you got but I bet you had a few stronger things to say about him. Yes he does love to hear his own voice. It is part of if he insists something is the way he wants it long enough and often enough it has to be true, right. Hugs

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  2. OMG! I made it to the end. Hard to believe I allowed myself to listen to the blow-hard for that long!

    Anyway, it’s more than apparent to me why people believe him … he doesn’t give others a chance to say anything!! Without any resistance, his devotees swallow it down like candy. And the exaggerations! I mean, really! How could anyone else be right when THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of others agree with him?

    Truly, if he somehow gets back into the Oval Office in my lifetime? There. Are. No. Words.

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    1. Hello Nan. Wow, I give you my thanks and my hat. It was hard for me to listen to the entire thing, I had to back it up and replay sections, and I am ok hearing wise. (I think) Dang I am impressed with you listening to the entire thing. And I expected a lot of curse words when you finished. But you see what tRump is, and what his followers won’t see, no matter how often they are shown on other than right wing media. Everyone knows he won, look how big his rallies were compared to Biden’s, that alone shows that he won. So totally bullshit and detached from reality but that is also totally trump. Yes it is, he doesn’t understand anything so everything can be just what he wants it to be. In the future they will wonder how a totally mentally ill person got temporary control over an entire nation and the world’s most powerful military … oh ya, it has already been done once in 1930s Germany. Dogs that love gravy help us if the Republicans get power this cycle, we and the world are so fucked. Hugs

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      1. Actually, the CC was quite good. But as to how I made it through? I wonder about that myself! I was a bit disappointed in the responses that were made to his tirade. I thought they would be more adamant about how WRONG he was!

        And yes, I snickered at his remarks that the size of his rallies were a SURE indication that he won. Sadly, he is so very, very insecure that he has to latch onto anything and everything that he (hopes!) will convince others that he really is the person he WANTS to be.

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