SCOTUS Rules To Protect Cops From Miranda Violations

CNN reports:

The Supreme Court limited the ability to enforce Miranda rights in a ruling Thursday that said that suspects who are not warned about their right to remain silent cannot sue a police officer for damages under federal civil rights law even if the evidence was ultimately used against them in their criminal trial.

The court’s ruling will cut back on an individual’s protections against self-incrimination by barring the potential to obtain damages.

It also means that the failure to administer the warning will not expose a law enforcement officer to potential damages in a civil lawsuit. It will not impact, however, the exclusion of such evidence at a criminal trial.

Read the full article.


TexasBoy • 20 hours ago

The GOP appointees, taking us closer and closer to a Christian police state.

teeveedub TexasBoy • 20 hours ago

You beat me to it. I was just about to post virtually the same thing. This is no longer the democracy that I grew up in.

2patricius2 TexasBoy • 18 hours ago

I wonder. Does this mean if Thomas is hauled away in handcuffs he can’t use the argument that no one read him his rights?

Rex • 20 hours ago

The Supreme Court is no longer protecting the Citizens of the United States, they’re protecting a political party.

S_E_P Rex • 20 hours ago

AND enabling an authoritarian state

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! Rex • 20 hours ago

It’s no accident that even before Gorsuch & co., Roy Zimmermann sang about “the Supreme Court Republicans Of The United States: SCROTUS”!

margaretpoa • 20 hours ago

SCOTUS is hyperpartisan and lacks all independence and legitimacy. Congratulations, Justice Roberts. You’ve presided over the demise of the supreme court and the independent judiciary.

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! margaretpoa • 20 hours ago

Five of nine justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote (GWB and Girth, Wind, and Liar [h/t Colbert]). They took office only because the Electoral College — that obsolete “compromise” to keep Southern states in the Union and (with the 3/5 rule) have enslaved people artificially amplify their oppressors’ voting power — distorted our votes.

So yes, the current Supreme Court is illegitimate.

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! • 20 hours ago • edited

And it’s the right wing who complain about “activist judges” and “unelected black-robed tyrants”…

Friendly reminder: a majority of current justices were nominated by second-place, popular-vote-losing presidents (GWB & TFG). As such, the Supreme Court does not reflect the will of the people, but rather minority rule.

As Mehdi Hasan [edit] and many others say, it’s time to enlarge, rebalance, and UNpack the Court!

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