Long Island library board votes to ‘remove all Pride displays’ and LGBTQ books from children’s section


Why do these people think that kids just seeing gay people and pride items is wrong.  Didn’t we just have Father’s Day?   The media and daily life are awash with heterosexual / straight couples doing lovey stuff, kissing, holding hands, hugging, sleeping in the same beds on TV sometimes out right close to making out and no one yells and screams protect the kids.   I am sick of the way this shit is going.  I remember what it was like as a gay kid not seeing anyone else like me with my feelings on TV or movies and instead hearing only bad things about people who had feelings like me.  It totally messes you up.   I am so upset over the drive to wipe the LGBTQ+ out of the public square and instead fill the space with their religion, God, and the bible.   Hugs

A library on Long Island has voted to remove “all Pride displays” as well as Pride-related books from its children’s sections.

The Smithtown Library Board of Trustees voted 4-2 Tuesday to ban any and all displays related to LGBTQ Pride from kids’ areas at Smithtown Library buildings, a move that was met with fierce backlash and call for action by advocates.

The New York Library Association slammed Smithtown’s move, calling it “a direct violation of NYLA’s commitment to intellectual freedom and the freedom to read that libraries are entrusted to uphold.”

The organization reaffirmed its commitment to stand alongside the LGBTQ community, “especially our LGBTQ+ youth, who utilize libraries across the state as a refuge to foster their love of learning and of their authentic selves.”

Library officials didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the ban, but library director Robert Lusak told Newsday that at least 29 books are affected by the ban. They include a history of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and picture books like “Pink is for Boys” and “Pride Puppy.”

Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted Wednesday night that “our public spaces should be accepting our young people — not rejecting them,” reminding all LGBTQ New Yorkers that the state supports and welcomes them.

The LGBT Network, a nonprofit that fights for the rights of LGBTQ people and their families in Queens and Long Island, has planned a press conference for late Thursday morning to announce its plans to oppose anti-LGBTQ measures in libraries and schools.

The library’s “bigoted move” to remove the books and Pride displays “enraged members of the LGBT community in Suffolk County, where over 100,000 LGBT residents reside,” the group said in a statement ahead of the press event.


Todd20036 • 19 hours ago • edited

When I was growing up, I had no gay books. No internet. No one to talk to. No one to ask questions

I still ended up being gay

Orientation isn’t some choice you learn about. It just is

But try telling the MAGAts that

nocadrummer Todd20036 • 19 hours ago

Orientation isn’t some choice.
But Religion IS a choice.

🄿🅁🄸🅇🄰🅃🄾🅁 – 🅃🅁🄸🄿🄻🄴 🅅🄰🅇🅇🄴🄳 nocadrummer • 18 hours ago

And, children are definitely indoctrinated or “groomed” into religion.

Caitlyn Haiku 🄿🅁🄸🅇🄰🅃🄾🅁 – 🅃🅁🄸🄿🄻🄴 🅅🄰🅇🅇🄴🄳 • 17 hours ago

As someone who a church tried (and eventually failed) to indoctrinate, I feel kids should not be exposed to religion until they are in their late teens at the earliest.

Dot Beech 🇺🇦 Todd20036 • 19 hours ago • edited

There were no gay books when I was growing up. Not for kids, anyway.

But the library had Broadway Original Cast Albums. Heh heh heh. The first time I became acquainted with Elaine Stritch, it was on the COMPANY cast album I checked out of the library.

I can’t say for sure that Julie Andrews turned me queer, but I can’t be certain that she didn’t. (It might have been Mary or Ethel.)

Chris Baker Todd20036 • 17 hours ago

Same here, grew up in a conservative Christian house. Didn’t know anyone gay, wasn’t molested, didn’t have any sexual encounters, grew up thinking that being gay was one of the worst things possible. But nonetheless, I am gay. It did take me a little while to ‘realize’ it and caused some depression in my 20s. But with that upbringing, it really made me realize that being gay was not a choice, or something I was ‘tricked’ or seduced into, etc.

MrRobotoLA • 19 hours ago

My public library is where I found hope as a young child, unsure of myself and having nowhere else to look for answers on what I was feeling.

Ross • 19 hours ago • edited

& work tirelessly to ensure their entire community feels welcome.

By making sure that LGBTQ people feel unwlecome.

joe ho • 18 hours ago

For decades the far-right has been outraged by the “queering” of America. Now their battle cry is to “stamp it out”.

And now they have taken over the courts and a majority of state legislatures.

In the history of the rise of fascism the US is now in the stage of “institutional capture.” When complete, it’s almost impossible to recover.

It’s going to get very ugly and dangerous for LGBTs for a very long time. Orban’s Hungary, Putin’s Russia. Winter is coming.

One thought on “Long Island library board votes to ‘remove all Pride displays’ and LGBTQ books from children’s section

  1. Scottie, maybe we should remove all pictures of Catholic priests, southern Baptist ministers, Boy Scout troop leaders and select team doctors and coaches who have a record of sexual misconduct and assault. Being LGBTQ+ is not a crime. Sexually assaulting people is a crime. And, it is even worse if the victim is a minor.

    I fully recognize the significant majority of people who have been in these leadership ranks are decent, lawful and enviable people. Yet, my point is we need to not punish people for who they love or want to be as long as it is with consent and does not hurt anyone. The LGBTQ+ people are trying to live the life they have in peace. These other predators who are among the ranks of decent ministers, priests, troop leaders, etc. have a different agenda which is harmful given their authority.



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