Supreme Court Permits Prayer at School Events in Latest Theocratic Ruling

9 thoughts on “Supreme Court Permits Prayer at School Events in Latest Theocratic Ruling

    1. Hello Ali. He doesn’t care about the truth, it is how to spin things to make pushing his faith / god in public legal. If you remember the post I did about Leonard Leo who arranged and pushed for these religious SCOTUS justices to get on the court he was pushing to create a theocracy where god was the most important part of both government and public life. Seems he is going to get his way. Hugs

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      1. Well, I’m ready to go to work to GOTV, and to renew civic activism. Our electeds are still our electeds, and we haven’t lost the right (the duty, really,) to address our government and to direct that government through our electeds.

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    The idea, if I read things right, was that one person’s right to freely exercise and speech could not be abridged just because it was at the school. The issue has always been that a state couldn’t force religion upon a citizen, and here the court is saying that it is a free exercise of one person’s rights.
    The problem is that as a coach, he holds uncommon sway over the students to conform to his practice. Firstly in leadership, he holds a “this is normal and correct” expectation of following, bringing about peer pressure to conform to that shared behavior despite personal beliefs just to fit in and not be seen as a pariah. Further, as a coach who determines who plays, what position, and who sits on the bench, he holds an undue amount of influence and expectation for the players/students.
    There are many who are religious, of varying degrees, who will see nothing wrong with this ruling because it fits with their memory and normalcy. They surely forget that the world is changing and some don’t share their beliefs. The court got this wrong.


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    1. Of course the court got it wrong! But unfortunately, with the current makeup of judges, this is going to be the standard from here on out.

      What’s interesting is that so many believers seem to “forget” (ignore!) the scripture in Matthew: “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners that they may be seen by others. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the doorand pray to your Father who is in secret,”

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      1. You win the internet, Nan. That is why I don’t discuss my belief or try to defend it, I just do it and be still, unless I need to say a little because some of us use our powers for good and not evil. We also know that just asking God for stuff doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, so we have to look around and love our neighbors with No Exceptions, and do what we can to make things good for all. (There’s even an example or 2 in the New Testament of that book TFG waved around in the tear gas that time.) And the state should stay the hell out of people’s religious observances even to the extent of making sure it cannot even appear to be manipulating or forcing people to observe something they’d prefer not to observe. Like this school prayer display.

        Whew! That is all. Thanks, Nan!

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        1. Thanks, Ali. I appreciate your response. Especially knowing you are a believer. 🙂

          Of course, as I’m sure your will agree, this is only ONE of the biblical commands that the True Christians™ ignore. For too many, it’s all about power over others rather than simply encouraging people to find/live a better life.

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    2. Hello Randy. Everything you say is true and was brought out by the three Justices that dissented. The three that dissented showed pictures of the kids with him, affidavits that say he would invite other team members to join them, he would give a short sermon, he was clear that Jesus was the lord god, and the that the kids felt pressured to do the prayer / sermon thing for fear they would get less playing time. Yet the 6 god pushers disregarded all that to say he was just exercising his right to do some praying and the school was hostile to religion. Where have we heard that hostile to religion language before? The Masterpiece Cake case that the owners refused to sell a cake to gays and the Colorado anti-discrimination equality board fined them. The SCOTUS said that they wanted the Colorado board to redo the ruling because they were hostile to religion. So here is how it is going to go. If religious people don’t get what they want the SCOTUS will claim they were discriminated against because the state or government was hostile to religion. Regardless of how hostile religion is to anyone else or their rights. See we know some rights come before others; the 2 amendment comes before everything except religion. Religion now will come before any other right. It is scary. But I posted about this. The post about Lenoard Leo who felt his reason for living was to push his god on the world and have his god take over the US. He is behind the Heritage Foundation and all these hard core religious movements. And he has seemingly unlimited funding. Now the push on the courts will be to see just how much of a theocracy they can make the country. Remember the courts decide what laws are legal, and these tRump rabid right / religious judges are there for life. If the Republicans get back in control of the Senate and / or presidency they will increase these judges while keeping the Democrats from getting any judges approved as they did since Obama. Hugs


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