Texas Paul REACTS to OAN Anchor’s TOTAL MELTDOWN over Pride Flag

On Saturday, OAN contributor Alison Steinberg posted a video of herself throwing a humiliating tantrum after seeing the pride flag in Huntington Beach, California. Texas Paul reacts!

22 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to OAN Anchor’s TOTAL MELTDOWN over Pride Flag

  1. Dude’s got way more patience than I do. I got kicked off Faceburg for calling Tomi Laren white-trash. Good dig on the Huntington Beach Repub to Prison pipeline. I do wonder how those people finance that lifestyle.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I don’t know anything about Huntington Beach but it sounds like the stories would be very interesting. She goes on about hard working tax paying Americans, doesn’t she understand that some of those hard working tax paying Americans are LGBTQ+ people? Talk about hatred blinding a person to reality. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. t is a tragic time for women and minorities that the republicans are pushing us back to. think about what Alito said, historically deeply rooted in the US are the only real rights. That means taking the US back to about 1850 or earlier. Who were the only ones with rights then? White cis, straight Christian males. Think about Alito. He is an old white cis straight Christian male, and he wrote a law to give himself and people like him all the power again. And super stupid Thomas went along with it. WTF. Hugs

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      1. When I was picking cartoons for my Jolly Monday post tonight, I came across a ‘toon with two women sharing a bottle of wine, and one says how she wished she could travel back in time 100 years, to which the other responds, “Well, just take a trip to the USA”. I didn’t use it for Jolly Monday, but it sure did hit home. Clarence Thomas is an enigma to me, as is Ben Carson … I think that back in the day they both would have been dubbed “Uncle Toms”. I’m very disturbed by the direction this nation is taking and I think it’s likely going to take some major crisis to change that direction. Hugs

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          1. I think maybe we should stop and assess the definition of that word ‘forward’. What’s forward to some, might be backward to others, and vice versa. Have the technological advances really helped move us in a positive direction, or merely distracted us from realizing that we’re sliding downhill?

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            1. Sure is a mixed bag. Technology gives me a satellite connection to infinite resources, and gives me a landline with unlimited free dialing for $40/mo., and gives Facebook (a highly infectious global disease) to the world. Penicillin (a wonderful thing, and subsequently other antibiotics) changed the history of the entire planet, and helped us over-populate because it saved so many lives, including countless children who previously would not have grown up, and soldiers. We could go on with many examples.

              I believe that the real threat is abuse of things otherwise having high potential for good, and primarily the abuse of rampant, unregulated, greed-centric hyper-capitaliZm addicted to continual “growth” of GDP. Facebook could be cured or managed like diabetes can be managed, but gets worse instead. Population control is possible, but who would maintain continuously increasing economic growth without bodies to over-consume resources? Universal health care is a human right subordinate to the right to unregulated profiteering. All of them are tools for profit, perpetually increasingly. This will never change in our current system.

              Jonas Salk gave his polio vaccine formula to the public domain. He must have been certifiably incurably stark raving insane, huh?

              But just you try to spend five minutes discussing any of this in a rational way with MAGATs like the one whose rant Texas Jack disassembled. He would not be able to say a tenth of his words in conversation with one of them. They cannot allow the possibility of being wrong any more than a radical fundamentalist Islamicist can consider another religion.

              It’s not just “religion.” It’s the religious mind, whether religion is involved or not. They make a religion against of whatever they don’t want to understand. Some day we will look back (if looking back eyes exist) and learn that it was a psychiatric disorder pandemic. Driven deplorable by their own minds, beyond their capacity to see.

              Highland Park, I have no words, but I tremble, and not with fear.

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              1. You mention population control and it immediately brought to mind the INCREASE that is certain to occur in the next several years due to the recent abortion ruling. Along with the fact the Repukes deny climate change, this old world is not going to be a very pleasant place to live in the next century or so.

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    Rather than commit my usual offense of comment page space abuse, I’ve put my response in this plain text file:
    (Filename 20220630-1 Scottie’s Playtime comment.txt)

    It is an excerpt from Britannica’s article on Turing, plus Article 1 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, plus, believe it or not, only two sentences of my own, which I will repeat here. Such things twist and knot up in me like intertwined pretzels the cords of misanthropy and love of mankind. Sometimes the spirit of brotherhood utterly fails in me.

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      1. I’m sorry, Scottie.

        Odd. It’s in my public blog media library. In my experience, public blog media files are fully accessible even to search engines, even if not used in a post. Maybe they changed that, or I’m daft, which happens.

        I’ll look into this. I want to know for future use. If I can’t get it working, I’ll email it to you and notify you here. Thanks for letting me know. I assume that if you put it in your media files, then you can link to it in a comment here.

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      2. Lo and behold, WordPress won’t serve up that file unless logged in AND a member of the blog (or if I put it in a public blog post). I guess they got wise to allowing public access to blog media libraries. I like that.

        So, I emailed it to you as requested.

        ALSO, as I will do in the future, I put the file in my publicly shared folder in Google Drive, and tested access while logged out of Google. Here it is:

        Thanks again for taking the time to let me know about it. Back to mowing on this beautiful day. Cheers.

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        1. Hello Dennis. I have thought over the extra information you provided about Turing. I just went along with the fact often stated / implied that the treatment made him impotent and so he ended his life rather than live that way. The information you provided seems to make that seem unlikely. I think most men think oh if my penis did not work and I was super frustrated why live, but then the thinking part of my brain kicks in and says what about everything else enjoyed in life? Would I take my life if that was my only issue? Hell no. So now I am really curious if he was silenced and even wondering if a foreign government wanted his information / talents for them and he was refusing? So if you find out more, please share it with us. Hugs

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          1. I have to dig around a bit. I’m pretty sure I saw a movie about him, or where he was a lead person. Maybe about the cipher machine. As for penises, yes, there are so many ways to be impotent, that being only one. Hugs back.

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