Jan. 6 Filmmaker Under Protection After Cultist Threats


The Daily Beast reports:

The documentary filmmaker who filmed with Donald Trump and his family in the months before and after the attack on the Capitol says he now needs armed protection.

Alex Holder, who testified to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection last week, spoke candidly about the risks his disclosures have put him in during a BBC TV interview Wednesday.

When asked if he felt threatened because of the evidence he’s given to the panel, Holder said: “Well, my life changed about a week ago and I now literally have two armed guards outside this studio right now that follow me around everywhere.”

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Todd20036 • 12 minutes ago

A hero gets treated like a terrorist in a criminal case while actual terrorists are treated like heroes

This country is fucked, and when you think about this, trump is really just a figurehead

7 thoughts on “Jan. 6 Filmmaker Under Protection After Cultist Threats

  1. We indulged Conspiracy freaks for too long and thought their antics of JFK as entertainment and 9/11 as just plain nonsense to be ignored.
    Thus they were allowed to become respectable and voted one of their own into the Whitehouse, now their cancerous nonsense plagues our lives.

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes very true. Some where I read that conspiracy theories activate some part of the brain that feels like a reward. I don’t really remember much about it but it was something about why it was hard to break people out of the cycle of believing in them. Hugs


        1. Hello Roger. I have heard that the declassification of the warren files changed some of the conclusions but in the tRump years everyone was focused on his actions / tantrums. Have you heard anything that has changed or is a different conclusion than the one historically pushed? The single lone angry gunman who no one seems to know why he did it? Hugs

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  2. PS: Sorry about that Scottie WP sent my reply before I was ready. It was supposed to read…… Garfield was killed by a deranged loner. Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt wounded likewise. Lincoln and McKinley by fringe activists.
    There is really nothing to suggest that both Kennedys suffered the same fates.
    It is merely that both men were surrounded by legends of their capabilities which folk like to nurture into something greater than unfortunate circumstances.
    Had there been conspiracies by now these would have been uncovered for the very simple expediency that someone would have used the knowledge to discredit opponents or make financial gain.
    If there was such a conspiracy in JFK’s case, there would have been a lot of dead authors and publishers of conspiracy books.
    In the vast majority of Human Tragedies, blunder, luck and unforeseen elements are at the root of the issue. Amongst the minority these will be carried out by ruthlessly effective authoritarian regimes who do not concern themselves with public opinion or who have massaged that onto their side

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