NO ONE Is Safe From The Wrath Of Religious Republican Zealots

Fox News host Sean Hannity interviewed Michigan Rep. Tim Walberg regarding his state’s stance on abortion laws in the aftermath of the Supreme court overturning Roe v. Wade. While Hannity seemed absolutely certain that state would never ban the procedure even though Michigan imposed a trigger law in 1931 that banned abortions and curbed reproductive rights, exposing the right wing’s plan to ban abortion at the federal level.

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“SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Hey, congressman, they’re also lying to everybody —


HANNITY: — Because abortion is not illegal. It’s not going to be illegal in your state of Michigan. I’d bet my last dollar that’s not gonna be the case. Am I wrong?

WALBERG: No, it is illegal in the state right now. In 1931, Michigan passed one of the first anti-abortion laws. It says that there is no abortion —

HANNITY: So, they have to have a trigger provision, but wouldn’t you expect with Governor Whitmer and the legislature as it’s currently configured, what do you expect that the likelihood of them changing that is going to be pretty swift?

WALBERG: Well, they’re gonna take action and, in fact, our attorney general, our lawless attorney general like Merrick Garland, is saying she will not enforce the law if Roe v Wade goes away. That’s the challenge we have, but we’re gonna fight it in the legislature. We have a pro-life legislature in the House and the Senate in Michigan. They have to get through that legislature if they’re gonna do it constitutionally, and we will battle back. But again Sean, that’s where —”

3 thoughts on “NO ONE Is Safe From The Wrath Of Religious Republican Zealots

  1. People need to start using the phrase “taxed without representation” when corresponding with their legislators. It’s very late in the game on such things considering the state of voting laws in many states. Still, our legislators at every level need to know that we see them, we see what they’re doing, and it isn’t what we the people are directing them, as our legislators, to do.

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    1. Hello Ali. I am not sure what good it will do but I also think we should do it, especially at the state / local level. At the congressional level they have gotten to the point of openly ignoring the wishes of the people due to thinking they cannot lose their seats due to gerrymandering and voter suppression. But we have to do every thing we can and we must vote in the largest numbers possible. But also getting the information out to a public that still does not understand the threats is important. Hugs

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