Proud Boys Attack California Drag Show

And it happened again.   It is now clear that these groups are searching for drag events, which are totally legal and then attacking them shutting the down.   And again the police stood by and let it happen.   Thanks Republicans, the party of law and order, for returning the US to a time when marginalized groups can be targeted and harmed.   Hugs

Sacramento’s NBC News affiliate reports:

A drag show at a Woodland bar celebrating the end of Pride month was disrupted Thursday night after a group showed up yelling homophobic slurs and threatening safety.

The owner of Mojo’s Lounge and Bar had canceled the event earlier in the evening due to safety concerns. Threats toward the venue and performers scheduled to be at the event had been circulating on social media for several weeks after details were picked up by a hateful group on social media, according to the owner.

As the group yelled hateful language, patrons waited as police surrounded the bar.  At some point, someone deployed pepper spray. Thursday night investigators are still working to figure out where it came from.

Read the full article. No arrests were made.


Brian Green • 19 hours ago

In 1981 I was in a gay bar in a small red-neck California town- shouldn’t have been there as I was underage – but there I was. A group of straight guys came into the bar
and started to stir up shit. Me being pretty much a kid, I was terrified.

Then something happened that has stayed with me ever since. We followed in the footsteps of our elders at Stonewall and fought back. There really was nothing left to do but that…. those assholes got chased out of the bar and many blocks down the street , getting beat with fists and pool cue sticks.

I don’t like to have to say it, but I think it’s time we as a community go back to when we were willing to physically fight if need be. Having come so far, it’s horrible to have to take so many steps back, but that’s the reality of today.

I’m not prescient, but you don’t need to be to realize things are about to get a lot worse again before they get better.

Archipelagos Brian Green • 18 hours ago

“I’m not prescient, but you don’t need to be to realize things are about to get a lot worse again before they get better.”

I agree. The Proud Boys are just the loudest but there are many, many more groups just like them. And every time a Republican politician spouts anti-LGBT+ rhetoric they get emboldened. Everything that Proud Boy said was taken straight from the GOP’s rising ‘stars’ of politicians.

If QMaga gets into power, groups like The Proud Boys will only get stronger. And if nothing is done about it they will, eventually, be given official political legitimacy. Queer folk are criminalized and hunted down across the Middle East, Russia, Poland, in countries across Africa and elsewhere.

Do not think for a second it can’t happen in the US.

David Gervais Just a guy • 18 hours ago

I don’t know your age, however you might not be old enough to remember the advance and decline of progress over the course of the last century. There are definitely objective indicators that we are entering a period when civil society is under attack, not just for us but also the other usual targets.

Timbo David Gervais • 16 hours ago

There was a major advance of gay acceptance in Germany just prior to the Nazi rise.

David Gervais Timbo • 15 hours ago

You’re right. Almost exactly 100 years ago and again in the 1980s there was dramatic improvement in personal freedoms. We are now at the next stage where bigotry becomes more prevalent.

The Reich Wing in US, UK, CAN, FRANCE is following the same script as the last time Fascism reared up. The parallels with the Nazis (and others) is very clear. Then, as now, one of the first targets was LGBT culture and people while amplifying existing religious intolerance.

This time we have the advantage of knowing the history of Fascism and can oppose it, if we remain aware.

Ecce Homo Just a guy • 18 hours ago • edited

Wake up. We must not ever again give way to their efforts to marginalize us.

WaveMotionGum Just a guy • 17 hours ago

Proud Boys was launched in 2016 and has only gotten more brazen with their violent confrontations. They are modern day brown shirts.…

Octoberfurst Eric • 18 hours ago

Well they aren’t unarmed black men so the cops won’t do anything. But even I was surprised at how gentle the police were with those scumbags. They didn’t try to grab them or anything. It was just “Hey stay away from that door” without moving in to stop him from banging on it. Face it, the cops love the Proud Boys.

Atman, Schopenhauer’s Poodle April Smith • 19 hours ago

And why isn’t the FBI arresting arresting them? This is clearly domestic terrorism.

TedD Atman, Schopenhauer’s Poodle • 19 hours ago

Because the US doesn’t have federal laws against domestic terrorism, despite domestic terrorism being the main terrorism here in the States.

Randy Atman, Schopenhauer’s Poodle • 19 hours ago

Because the proud boys are off-duty & former cops.

WaveMotionGum April Smith • 18 hours ago

Modern day brown shirts.…

Buford • 20 hours ago

…after a group showed up yelling homophobic slurs and threatening safety.

You know… to protect the kids from bad influences.

Grimes Buford • 20 hours ago

This! Let’s tell obscenities and threaten violence because that’ll make kids agree with us!

It’s the xstain way.

2 thoughts on “Proud Boys Attack California Drag Show

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I saw this yesterday and it truly bothered me that the police, decked out in all their “look at me I’m so special” attire, stood by and watched. And now I see that they are “investigating” how pepper spray was used? How about we investigate how they simply stood by and forced someone to use pepper spray to control a situation that those gestapoed fools allowed to occur and continue?
    I’m also really bothered about this idea that forcing someone else to conform to ones mores and expectations for themselves is allowable, is preferable to risking ones own sense of self to be different from others? That arguably could be construed both ways, if one were to say the drag queens were forcing others to accept them….but they really don’t care if others accept them or not. Just to be let to live. It’s like the old adage of “don’t like gay wedding? don’t have one then”. This country is huge, this world is huge! People should have the right to be how they want without some assholes traveling to them, demanding they change, demanding they be someone they are not.
    Odd little “freedom” in the land of the “fee”.


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    1. Hello Brother. You said it well. I don’t think I could add more to it. It is well know that the proud boys have current and former cops. It is also well known that the police have shown them deference in other attacks they have made. In the video the woman police officer did approach the door but the male police did not. When she realized the pepper spray had been used she also backed off. Yes that the civilians had to defend themselves is horrible. And for the rabid right there is no live and let live. I read that for the right freedom means the right to tell others what to do and others do not have the right to tell them what to do. They have freedom but they don’t feel others should. They have a right to demand others do what the rabid right likes but other have no right to refuse or demand anything themselves. Roger quoted me this: “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.” This seems increasingly true. Hugs


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