Texas Paul REACTS to Marjorie Taylor Greene saying women should have no choice after fertilization

5 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to Marjorie Taylor Greene saying women should have no choice after fertilization

  1. Scottie, like others you have highlighted, if Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be taken seriously, she needs to be serious minded. This does not qualify toward that end. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I disagree with you, sorry but she crushed her opponents in her primary. The people that vote for her love that she is a traitor troll. She waded into a pro-choice demonstration to gloat about women losing a right to control their own bodies. WTF. I know she is not religious so why is she doing this? The entire party is pushing this yet seriously as we just a few years ago seen in Ireland women will die over this, kids will die over this. How is that pro-life in any way? I am listening to a abortion doctor say that she has already been told that several young girls that were now unable to get an abortion have tried to kill themselves.

      Keith, Roger says these SCOTUS rulings will split the country in a civil war. What do you think? The theocracy growing here in Florida has Ron and I looking at moving even though we have the house rebuild to what we wanted. We will lose everything except the right to be openly gay males. Ron told me after he walked around phase 1 and 2 of the development that there are now 5 “Let’s go Brandon” flags, up from only one a month ago. With the Militant thugs getting support from the republicans in charge and the police it is scary to be an openly gay married couple these days. I have not felt this nervous about it since the 1990s. Hugs

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      1. Oregon is nice. And leans Democratic altho there are some Repuke contenders this next election. But I think you want to stay close to Ron’s family, right?

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        1. Hello Nan. Ron would love to move close to his family in New Hampshire. I have no such desire. Problem with getting too far to the west is his brother in the nursing home in NC. Ron and his sister seem to be the only ones who regularly go to visit him. Ron hates the trip now and it is only about 10 hours. I would love to move to a blue state, and I would consider upper New York state because they are trying to enshrine equality for women and LGBTQ+ in their constitution but right now we have to see how the laws and courts are going to shake out. I also have heard good things about Colorado but they voted for Sinema so … Hugs


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