Child abuse is …

evanedwards • 2 hours ago

Who needs hatred when they have Christian love?

jk105 • 2 hours ago

Physical violence and sexual abuse? It’s a good thing no teacher mentioned the fact that Heather has two mommies. The Republicans would have closed the place down.

Gustav2 • 2 hours ago

Unlicensed religious schools.

CB • 2 hours ago

At this point, we have to ask if there is any “Christian” organization that doesn’t abuse children.

Lori • 2 hours ago

A very high percentage of camps and wilderness experiences for young people labeled delinquent are abusive. There have been numerous scandals involving secular camps and adding Jesus is pretty much bound to make it worse.

clay • 17 minutes ago

“Last year, Missouri lawmakers passed legislation that gives the state
more oversight over unlicensed religious boarding schools, including the
ability to petition a court to close them if there are health and
safety concerns.”

Unlicensed boarding schools should be not be permitted, religious or otherwise. The GOP ideal of the invisible hand of the free market doesn’t work as long as the marketer gets to keep their practices invisible to the parents and guardians.

Jay Silversmith • 26 minutes ago

Taxpayer money going to pay for religious schools, frees the church to open indoctrination camps.

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