See how hard it is for me to get into a safe mind space

So today I was feeling stronger than yesterday.    I am reading news, watching news, posting, and replying to comments.    Ron made a grand burritos in a red sauce that is grand.   Everything going good.    Then on Joe My God comes the story below.   Normally I would have read it, but even the title was enough to shake the ground under my mind.   I started to read the blurb before I even processed the content.   I couldn’t continue, I started to get upset, I quickly closed the tab.   I had to read the title a few more times when I tried to get to the stories on the rest of the site.  But I tired not to even let it enter my mind.   It took me back a day or two in my emotional recovery.    I did not read the story, I am posting the link so you understand what I am talking about.    This is the world we live in, it is in all the news.   Today first thing on TYT the first story was about a 2 year old sheltered by his dying dad’s body in the 4th of July mass shooting attack.   All of these stories of kids hurt and harmed are what is happening in our country and each one of them is important but right now very dangerous personally to me emotionally.    So I am going to go look for Texas Paul videos to distract my mind again.     Hugs

Pastor Convicted Of Raping His Grandchildren Awarded $2 Million For Beatings By Guards At NY’s Attica Prison

3 thoughts on “See how hard it is for me to get into a safe mind space

    1. Hello Ali. Thank you. It is a case of self-protection. I need to avoid triggers for a while so I can rebuild the solid ground of my mind and the safe space where reading these stories doesn’t destroy me. In this world we have to admit the bad stuff exists and happens but sometimes it is all too much, and we have to step back. Hugs

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