5 thoughts on “The Police Response to a Black Man vs. a White Mass Shooter

  1. I didn’t watch the entire video (you know me), but I will say that up to the point I stopped, it was done very well. The guy presented facts, spoke in a calm way (but passionately), and didn’t need to present a “good ole’ boy” image.

    Now, having said that, I thought about what he said related to the “gun laws” just passed. As I recall, the Biden Administration initially wanted more restrictive regulations put into place but, of course, the Repukes refused. So what do the Democrats to? BACK DOWN!! This is getting to be the theme song of this administration. Where is the fighting spirit? Sure, compromise is a great unifier, but generally speaking on MAJOR issues, it would be nice to see a few sparks fly before things are settled.

    I really think this is part of why the “other side” is gaining ground. They make a LOT of noise! They get in people’s faces. They (figuratively) jump up and down to get your attention. The Dems? Speak softly … and forget about the stick.

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    1. I commented on this very issue a day or two ago, here or at Nan’s so I won’t repeat that. I don’t need to see the video and I don’t want you to be offended by that. I believe you work your ass off to put this stuff out; I’ve just seen too much.

      Watching the news today I have seen a couple of commentaries on the same thing. I know most of you have seen and heard right-wing types calling for civil war. I think they have the opinion that if they can spark a white-on-black military-style struggle, their road to dominion will be much smoother. The preachers in pulpits promote the killing of Democrats, liberals, and LGBTQ+, and I’ll have to go back and look at some clips before I say who else they need dead.

      “The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you’ll get action.” – Malcolm X

      I don’t cite Malcolm X in connection to violence, but to get people to understand what is going on. We are changing from citizens to subjects. (Repeat that every chance you get, you folks with a platform.) These people are about ruling, not governing.

      The violence will come in due time.

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      1. Hello Cagjr. Please know I understand why you did not watch the video and I don’t take offence. I understand how these things can affect the mind and emotions. I want everyone to be careful and to know that it is important to take care of yourself and be in a safe place. I don’t want anyone to go through things like I recently did and am trying to heal up from.

        On both the civil war and the race war the right seems pushing for the idea seems to be the same, they think they will win easily as they think they have all the guns and also they think because of their being so loud / aggressive they overestimate their numbers. Ask any right winger and they will say the entire country agrees with them, that they outnumber the libs / Dems and that that everyone voted for tRump because he had larger rally crowds. Plus they think in a race war that they want to start the whites that are not with them now will have to be to save themselves. They think the blacks will be easy to put down because they believe the police and the government is on their side also.

        I know it is all crap and wrong and that they would lose badly. It is the same as these people who claim they need guns in case they have to fight the government. That is nuts. But the real issue is these right wing people are showing they feel violence and force is the correct way to get what they want, and they don’t need to bother with elections or politics. They feel that what others want is not important. This is the really scary part to me. They don’t want to think about things, they want to use their muscles / guns to get what they want. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. Well said. I started watching more videos on this channel. I wish the videos were shorter because after a while my attention wanders. I agree with you, Biden and the democratic party leaders seem to be sleep walking while the other side is hammering their message in to the public all the time. What asked what was in the Build Back Better bill Biden was trying to pass very few people knew what was in it and only knew the price tag, because the Dem’s did not go on TV and push it and the Republicans did go on all media and push the price. Plus it was all Manchin would talk about. Everything you wrote about the Democrats is correct and why we are losing the culture wars and the elections. Hugs

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