USA TODAY: New dinosaur discovered in Argentina suggests why many prehistoric predators had small arms

New dinosaur discovered in Argentina suggests why many prehistoric predators had small arms
Paleontologists discovered a new dinosaur species in Argentina, the Meraxes gigas. The predator looks a lot like a T. rex but isn’t closely related.

Read in USA TODAY:

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3 thoughts on “USA TODAY: New dinosaur discovered in Argentina suggests why many prehistoric predators had small arms

  1. Thanks, Scottie. We just keep learning, don’t we?
    90 to 95 million years ago. I noticed a jackhammer at work on the site. That’s after 95 million or so years of geologic activity. The fossils cannot be younger than the rock they are in, or under.

    “But Canale says the study of this new specimen is just beginning. “We have a lot more to work on. We have to do the detailed descriptions, we have to do a CT scan of the skull to see the internal spaces. So it’s a lot more to do still.””

    We are not through digging yet. After 10 years of study Canale said they have a lot more study to do. Study. There’s the thing. Science does the hard part. They prove what they are saying with the stipulation that they may be able to better explain a thing later in time when we have learned more about the subject. They are now able to determine the age of the rock in which a specimen is found. That makes it impossible to say that the fossil is any younger than the rock.

    There was something in there in which someone was making an argument for creation but I lost it. Never mind.

    Six thousand years is approximately .00631% (631/100,000)of the time since the fossil last lived, I don’t know how long it takes to build, say, one foot of bedrock. I don’t remember the elevation of Patagonia, but it’s somewhat above sea level. I wonder if that area was an ancient sea bed?

    On 7/12 the JWTS is set to start releasing some images. We will be looking further into the past than we can imagine.
    Will we be able to see more than 13.8 trillion years?

    Religion chose the path of myth, deceit, oppression, greed, ignorance, and servitude. Science chose the path of atomic structure and all the facts and truths of math, chemistry, biology, physics, and the other sciences that bring us the knowledge of who and what we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

    Between science and religion, just look at all the philosophies and philosophers that have come from that tension. Religion demands that science prove it wrong, and when it does, they are aggrieved and call for further proof that a thing that does not exist, does not exist. They live in the world of their circular arguments knowing that if they admit one of their tenets is false, the rest are suspect. If they lose their religion there is no scapegoat for their sins and ignorance.

    Scientists go after facts with picks and shovels. Creationists demand you believe them inspire of or without the facts.

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”—Hebrews 11:1, King James Version

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    1. Hello Cagjr. Well said, very well said. As I was reading your comment I got a notice on my iPad and iPhone that the James Webb telescope reveals the “deepest ever” view of the cosmos as it was 13 billion years ago. The wonders keep coming. I just hope the US can get over its hate of education and learning to join the rest of the world in the modern age. Hugs


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