Trump THREATENS to Take Over ‘Democrat Cities’ in UNHINGED Speech

Donald Trump went full authoritarian at a speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, saying he regrets not taking over ‘Democrat-run’ cities and pledged he will not make the same mistake next time.

3 thoughts on “Trump THREATENS to Take Over ‘Democrat Cities’ in UNHINGED Speech

  1. I have no doubt that tRump makes a multitude of ignorant and self-serving comments … what amazes me is all the people who think they need to make videos of his antics. Seems a lot of people are just as attention-seeking prone as he is!

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    1. Hello Nan. I think this was at a rally he had. Like it or not he is a former president, and he is influential while possibly running again. So yes what he says even while moronic do have to be covered. Beside don’t you want to know what insane thing he and his followers are thinking? Glad to know he thinks the president can just take over cites in states if he doesn’t like the party of the people running them. If Democrats allow the people their right to protest then a Republican president can simply take them over, who knew?

      Did you catch any of the latest hearing? It was so clear tRump set this up and it was his plan to have them attack the capital so he could stop the certification of the election. Their plan was to remove Pence. The plan was to violently remove Democratic leaders in the House and take full control over congress. He had the armed gangs ready but he never gave the signal they were waiting to hear, he never called for the insurrection act / marshal law. The amount of arms the militia’s had ready was stunning, no wonder his acting head of the military made it clear only with his written permission could the national guard be called out or used. The fact that he was told repeatedly he lost and yet he was still actively trying to keep getting the election overturned by plotting behind the back of his government staff with non-government people, including armed gang thugs. Wild is correct. If it was a movie no one would have believed the plot. Yet the democrats in congress have not tried to change the very law that these people were going to use to do the coup. Hugs


      1. First off — you know what I think of tRump. My point is not about him or the JERK he is. It’s about the number of people who feel they need to make videos of his idiocy. Everyone’s a star.

        I have not been watching the hearings; however, I subscribe to a number of newsletters that provide links to various reports on what has been going on so I feel I’m “informed.” 🙂 Besides, Heather usually gives very indepth reports in her newsletters.

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