John Bolton ADMITS to Planning Foreign Coups on Live TV

On CNN’s “The Lead,” Former Trump White House national security adviser John Bolton shocked the nation when he told Jake Tapper that he has helped plan coups d’etat in other nations.

2 thoughts on “John Bolton ADMITS to Planning Foreign Coups on Live TV

    1. Hello Ali. Thanks for the links. Yes the confession just rolled out of him because he and those like him don’t see it as a crime nor something shameful. They have the idea that because the US has the largest military we can and should do whatever we want to other countries. People like him feel the rest of the world should do as the US tells them. That is the American exceptionalism they love to brag about so much, which is mostly myth. There was no real American exceptionalism, but they will create it and indoctrinate kids in red states in that myth. Hugs

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