Right-Wingers Launch Witch Hunt Against 10-YO Abortion Patient’s Doctor

As conservative media, and politicians alike, spent hours and hours trying to discredit the story of a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim who had to travel to Indiana to receive an abortion, they have now turned the story into an investigation into the doctor who performed the abortion. Indiana’s Republican AG Todd Rokita told Jesse Watters that his office will investigate Dr. Caitlin Bernard, a gynecologist, and reproductive health activist. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxn53…

“After Republicans and conservative media spent days suggesting the viral story of a 10-year-old rape victim who was forced to travel across state lines for an abortion was fake before an arrest was made Wednesday, the Republican attorney general of Indiana now wants to investigate—the doctor who did the procedure.

Indiana AG Todd Rokita said Wednesday his office is now investigating whether Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who told the Indianapolis Star earlier this month about the case without identifying the patient, reported the assault of the 10-year-old girl to Indiana authorities.

Rokita made this very official announcement—where he didn’t officially accuse Bernard of anything—on Fox News, of course.

“We’re gathering the evidence as we speak, and we’re going to fight this to the end, including looking at her licensure if she failed to report,” Rokita told Jesse Watters, who’d had Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on two nights prior to suggest that the story was fake.”

13 thoughts on “Right-Wingers Launch Witch Hunt Against 10-YO Abortion Patient’s Doctor

  1. OF COURSE! It’s FAR, FAR more important to find and charge the doctor who performed the abortion –and possibly take away her license and ability to earn a living– than it is to prevent a 10-year old from bearing a child!!!!!

    It soooo frustrates and ANGERS me that political/religious perspectives are soooo much more important than the future of a 10-year-old child!

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. They are desperate to change the conversation. The politicians know the ending of Roe is extremely unpopular and they are seeing the backlash, but the extreme radical religious won’t slow their push to outlaw anything they disagree with. As is often said they don’t want to just not do it themselves they want to force everyone else not to do it. They all claim to be pro-life and talk constantly about the child, the baby that might be born. But in this case they are desperate to ignore the real already living child. Why don’t they care about that living child? What a disconnect, claiming to love the future baby but not the current child? I still say it is pro forced birth for the purpose of complete control over women. That is what the issue is about. Control over the ones god said must be subservient to them and obey them. Hugs

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      1. IMO, one of the BIGGEST fallacies that these sick anti-abortionists continue to peddle is the term “CHILD” when they describe that blob of cells in a woman’s uterus. It’s NOT a child! It may or may not become a child, but at the point that most women want to abort, it is far, far from being a “child.”

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        1. Hello Nan. Did you notice in Alito’s ruling on Roe he used the phrase “Unborn human Baby”. Not potential but establishing the new legal language of pregnant with an unborn human baby. The right and the religious right have been gaslighting the people so long they have bought into their own myths and stories. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. The idea is to make doctors that do even legal abortions fearful of prosecution and attack, facing loss of income, fines, loss of medical license and a lot of hassle so they stop doing the procedure. It is about causing fear in the doctors. The right has been doing this for years and recently we see them doing this to drag show reading hours. But state DA’s and the police have been doing this for decades against groups they hate, from inspecting gay bars to investigating doctors who do legal procedures they hate. The right is simply a gang of thugs. Hugs

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            1. Hello Roger. It would be grand to think that, but history disagrees with that. Most often the bad people like this get away with their malfeasance as long as they remain in charge. Sadly as long as power resides with the haters and the religious fundamentalists then the harm will continue. Best wishes. Hugs

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              1. From my reading of Military histories through many ages and many circumstances it is noteworthy how many who start atrocities pay the price.
                And many is the politician who played that card whose days end up in disgrace.
                Life is a very long game Scottie, with twists and turns.

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