Fox Host: It’s Wrong To Single Out Founding Fathers As Slave Owners Because “Slavery Was Commonplace”

Saying the quiet part out loud, why mention that people owned other people as if it was a bad thing.   What these assholes want to ignore was there was a large active anti-slavery movement well established in those times, and that Jefferson himself admitted slavery was wrong, while enjoying the benefits of it.   Literally.   Hugs

“If you were asked to describe someone, to define someone, to identify someone, to tell their story, you would look for the traits they hold that are unique, not the traits that they hold that were commonplace.

“To the point of tattoos, increasingly, it’s not something that distinguishes you from someone else. I made the joke, if you were asked to describe a pirate, you wouldn’t discuss his hair color, you would discuss his peg leg. You’re looking for what makes someone unique.

“Sadly, underlined and emphasized, sadly, slavery was commonplace for much of human history. It did not set our founding fathers apart.

“What set them apart, their unique description and identifier was their ability to recognize and codify these eternal freedoms and rights in the Constitution and in the declaration.

“That’s the definition, description and story of James Madison.” – Fox & Friends host Will Cain, in yet another report on historical “wokeism.”


Houndentenor • 38 minutes ago

I’m now halfway through The 1619 Project. Now I know why they were all freaking out about that book. It lays out in great detail just what was going on in our country between 1619 and now. It’s all so much worse than anything I’d ever heard or read before. No one is “singling out” the founders. They are recording history correctly of everyone alive in the US (and other countries that aided and abetted…often through financing and great profit) for slavery. The founders just happen to be the famous examples.

M Jackson • 44 minutes ago

Having the 20th Century white slave-holder defend his viewpoint is a valuable contribution to the current discourse about the sudden surge of positive feelings about our country’s slave-holding history.
It’s Feel Good-Time for white America’s precious tender sensitivities. Tipping our toe into the warm waters of treasonous lies and we like the feel of it.

Chris G. • an hour ago

Founding Fathers – wealthy men who wanted to maximize freedom for themselves while denying freedoms for enslaved people, all white women, and even poor white men who did not own property. The system of government they setup was a selfish system meant to serve themselves.

Ninja0980 • an hour ago

When you’re claiming we can do things like outlaw abortion, same sex marriage etc. based on what they wrote or said, it sure as hell does matter.

TampaZeke • 2 hours ago

What made them unique and distinguishable was their hypocrisy. The fact that the same person who eloquently wrote about “unalienable human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” at the very same time enslaved human beings.

Karl Dubhe IV • 3 hours ago

In 1772 a court of law in England declared that slavery had no force in English Common Law. The same law that governed the colonies.

Just putting that out there…

TnCTampa • 3 hours ago

They knew it was wrong then and they still did it. It was wrong to enslave others in their bible but they still did it. They even argued about slavery when making up the constitution and they knew it was wrong and still allowed it.

TRUTH is TRUTH and they are erasing our history and truths

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